Spray inks on the Gelli plate


OK, so I’ve been watching Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and her free stencil classes on Spreecast. I’ve done a few of her online classes and always enjoy them.  She has been doing a Q&A at the end and one thing that comes up often is using spray inks on the Gelli plate.

When I first got mine, I remember reading, probably on the Gelli Arts site, that ink will stain the plate.  When I only had the 6×6 plate I worried I might ruin it, so I was more cautious that is my way.  Now I have the 8×10 as well, I feel a little less worried I might do something and ruin my plate!  Plus, discovering the baby oil when massaged into the plate will lift out any deeply embedded colour, I know I can clean it up with ease.  And that made me want to have a go.

Thinking things thru, as I do, I thought about using maybe paint as a base, then spraying the ink over that, but the colour of the paint would always affect the colour and at least for the first experiments I wanted to keep it pretty pure.  So I went to my much-loved Acrylic medium. Rolled that out onto the plate first, to give the ink something to cling to rather than beading up instantly.



I was aiming for a very light spray – in fact I think I ended up with a bit more than I wanted.



You can see it does bead up a little, in the areas of the heaviest concentration of ink, but in the lighter areas the ink just floats on the top.  I tried out a couple of stencils.  It seems like an overall pattern without too much of the stencil squidging int the ink, produces the best end result



While I love the look of both of these, the right one, pulled thru the stencil, is pretty indistinct.  The left one , pulled after the stencil was removed, is really smeary but still cool.

That stencil has small open areas and a lot of stencil. This one has more open areas, plus it’s covered with layers of paint so the stencil doesn’t slide around as much.  I like both of these, but the print after removing the stencil ( left) is really cool.









One thing I did try was then pulling a paint print over an ink print, masking off interesting areas so they show thru.  Def. something fun to play with a lot more!



Clearly I’ve not perfected this quite yet, but you know me – I always share my experiments as I go.  Now I want to think on it a little more and see where I want to take it….


3 thoughts on “Spray inks on the Gelli plate

  1. Enjoyed this post. Very interesting effects and would be quite a wonderful way to use the lovely sprays on the market. TFS

  2. Oh that looks really cool!! I’ve been watching them all week too and thinking about testing out the sprays.. lol!! great minds! 😀

  3. Wow, this just came up in conversation recently and I hadn’t tried it yet

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