I’ve fallen down the Project Life printables rabbit hole for a bit but today I am putting aside digital things and playing with my Gelli plate and a circle mask and layering some nifty metallic paint I got, in red and gold.  No real plans for it, just a play day.


I’ve been not cleaning off the plate between masking and pulling and the variety of mixed colours is interesting.


and I can clearly see  “behind” ones and “in front” ones, which I like.  The metallic paint is slightly sheer so that helps with the depth.  More play to come, I think.


Poor showing from me last week, due to being offline for most of 2 days due to the upgrade at the local exchange, and not happy with losing nearly a MB of download speed since the upgrade.  Typical.  Perhaps it’ll get better….but I doubt it.

Have a crafty WOYWW day!

17 thoughts on “WOYWW 248

  1. Sorry to be so slow getting round this week – life.. and all that!
    Wow, what a colour – fantastic. You’ve really been enjoying that haven’t you?!
    Thanks for visiting earlier – hope you managed to resist the urge to go buy yarn… would hate to feel responsible for you falling into temptation!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #13

  2. I like where it is all going at the moment and agree about the depth working with the gold colours… losing a Mb of download speed would mean really nasty phone calls to the telephone peeps in the house…. how can they charge you the same amount and give you less? Annette #3

  3. Gelli plate envy here, love your creation. Thanks for the visit, enjoy your week
    DeDe #17

  4. Just got going with the Gelli plate so really enjoying the visit. Angela x 63

  5. A play day is always fun, great makes too and those circles look fab! Take care Zo xx 94

  6. It seems like everyone else, the way the texture shows up got me too. Love all the gelli-plate stuff you’ve been doing. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #41 xx

  7. Ha! I was thinking just the same as LLJ! There is just something about circles as a design feature that I love.

  8. Goodness but I love that bright orangey red you’ve used…it reminds me of Oriental moon lanterns. Quite beautiful!
    Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

  9. Love the colours in your print and the way the different textures and patterns overlap but show through, very effective. Happy WOYWW :o) Annie C #70

  10. Hi Mary Anne, thanks for your visit – my flower die is from Cheery Lynn and yes I’m getting the hang of rolling them, it’s just the start that’s a bit tricky. I love your pages and the circle stencil is something I’m going to have a go at. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#30

  11. LOVE the layers and textures!!
    We too have s-l-o-w internet… *sigh*
    You can only work with what you got, I guess.
    Happy WOYWW 🙂
    no. 33

  12. Hi, Mary Anne – love the gelli’s today!! I have to ring up Virgin and moan about my internet too, its rubbish at the moment. they keep promising upgrades but they never happen… have a good day. Helen 5

  13. Love the metallic…what’s the it available stateside?

    • The brand is called Brunel Franklin and I got it at a discount store (B&M) – the maker is in Liverpool UK – but it looks like on Google it is one of those made-up brand names that discount stores use, not like Golden or Liquitex that you find everyplace. I doubt you could find it anyplace else but B&M in the UK. Sorry 😦


  14. Always enjoy your Jelli experiments. Have learned a lot from you, thanks. #35

  15. I can feel for you we are meant to be on the fastest there is out there but we have had massive problems this past week it is driving me insane. That bad, it was at one stage I phoned DH as he works for one of the providers and said go and check it out and guess what it was in serious problems. Go’s to show they don’t even know sometimes when they have problems. Who’d figure.

    Loving those Gelli prints, you always seem to be able to produce fantastic pages with the Gelli, I need to practice more. I think the color with the plate still dirty makes for interesting pulls.

    Happy WOYWW & Crafting
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda (no number yet)

  16. Welcome to MY slow world. Yours still sounds so much faster than mine. I love these circles, and am totally impressed by the mask. Can’t wait for it to warm up enough that I can be in the craft room where all my paint and paper are kept. No number yet, but I’m sure you’ll find me (grin).

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