Bright Spring and Dark Fall month cards

Still playing …

I decided to go ahead and make the companion Month calendar cards, using one of my 2014 calendar cards as a base.  My only hesitation came from the fact each set really only has 6 or so colours.  I’ve added one yellow that doesn’t appear in the original set but that works with it, just because none of the other options worked for me.  Tell me what you think!



Now, if you grabbed the original set (which you can find in the Calendar Making menu at the top) you may recall that I arranged these 6 to a sheet.  Normally that wouldn’t work for A4 prints but as these have white backgrounds they do – taking advantage of the white border your A4 printer will add.  They should cut perfectly if you cut down the middle at the red lines then cut along the coloured bars to the left as your first cuts.  Then simply cut then at 3 inches.  That’s the theory anyway – any problems please comment.  If there is ever a problem with any of my printables and you don’t tell me, I’ll carry on, assuming they are fine!

The Bright Spring set can be downloaded HERE and the Dark Fall set HERE.