An experiment – Dark Fall printables

I always save my files in ways that (I hope) will make them easy to alter. I wondered exactly how long that might take, if I wanted to take a full set and change them.  So I just had a bash.

In reality, because some of the elements are actually a few layers, more than you think. For example, the little cameras are actually:

  • the camera dingbat
  • a tiny white circle to fill the button
  • a coloured circle to surround the lens

And they have to be layered individually, button circle at the back, dingbat, coloured circle on the top.  Ditto the words that are backed with white. The font alone isn’t enough – it needs a white box at the back, a solid box the same colour to fill the space bar character (which is white normally) and the words are both filled and stroked to get the right look.

Boring, isn’t it?  But what it means is all the little groups need to be ungrouped and the new colours applied to just the element that needs it.  And that takes more time than just selecting all the elements that might be BLUE and changing them in one click to a different blue. Even so, once I actually PICKED the colours it only took about an hour to process all 5 pages.  Some of it was learning the best way to do things.  For example, if I wanted all the BLACK elements with a BROWN options, it would be far faster to create them then alter just the one element and group it and store it in a file called BROWN.  I used to ALWAYS do a black and a brown option (or sometimes a PINK and a BLUE option LOL!) but this is the first set in a while that I did like that.

Want to see them?


So you can see it’s basically the same thing as the Spring set but with Fall tones.  And it’s just the one PDF with all five pages, which you can download here.

NOTE: Newly added, a companion set on Monthly calendar cards, both Bright Spring and Dark Fall, found here.

Do you mind only seeing the smaller sample of the sets?  It seems easier for me (esp. on my iPad or phone) than the huge multiple images, but it does give an overview of what the set contains.  Let me know….I always appreciate it.