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AJ page – Tick Tock

Back online after the successful upgrade of our local exchange.  Turns out it probably won’t make a lick of difference to my connection or my speed, but presumably the new equipment is more stable.  We shall see.

Just a quick page from me,  I decided to try NOT starting with a coat of Gesso.  Used the spray acrylic mists.



It worked fine – surprisingly, no leak thru to the page on the back.

Not sure where these stamps are from – maybe Banana Frog?  Sad they are no longer selling stamps so I can’t check and you probably couldn’t buy them anyway. But I do like them, stamped with white, on the dark background



The text is ALSO stamps, from Smeared Ink, I believe, probably the Lil Grumblies set.  I just picked the ones that expressed a similar feeling.



I was looking for something a little different from my usual dusting with DI or a hard marker edge, so I squirted a bit of the acrylic ink in a well of my palette, and dipped the edges instead.  I do like that – might like it better with Dylusions as they are a bit brighter but worth playing with to see.



And the page done:



I was a little worries the ingle pages might look rubbish when viewed together, but although I didn’t consciously pick these colours (I had the opposite page folded back while I was working on it) they seem OK together as they share the  greens.  Note sure if I had gone for reds and oranges I would have been happy.  I guess just seeing the page, no matter how briefly, registered in my brain and I made my colour choices to “match.”