WOYWW 247 – not much


Hello WOYWW-ers.


A blank page on my desk this week – we’ll see if, given my busy day, anything will come of it!

Julia asked some questions about WordPress that I had to hunt around to answer.  If you blog with, go to your Dashboard and click the SETTINGS button.  From the menu select DISCUSSION and UNTICK the first two items in Other comment settings.  This should mean people can comment without being logged in or adding an email.  Now, to my mind, WordPress’ SPAM filter is excellent.  This should not mean you get a ton more spam but if you DO, it is most likely going to get trapped – you just need to remember to empty it occasionally.  It seems I did have this set (or the default setting is) to require entering the email and name but I’ve changed it.  If anything odd happens I’ll report back, but I’m willing to give it a go for WOYWWers.


It’ll be interesting to see if it increases my comments for WOYWW and overall! It’s also probably worth noting that *I* can’t comment on Julia’s blog because it only allows comments from Google accounts – which explains why you never see me there. I’m not ignoring WOYWW etiquette, I just can’t do it from WordPress….

Have a great day.

15 thoughts on “WOYWW 247 – not much

  1. Well, I should have come straight to the source shouldn’t I? Thank you, for changing the settings, it makes a deal of difference if you ask me. This is the second attempt at commenting…I. Tried to do it without filling in the details it still asks for…the dialogue boxes for email and etc pop up as soon as I put the cursor in the comments box….on ipad, anyway!
    because I’m late, I’ve seen the AJ page..hey, super impressed that the squirts inks didn’t soak the page to the point of breaking. but mostly I am in LOVE with those grumpy text stamps…they are marvellous. I may need them.

  2. I should have just asked you, huh…note to self…go straight to the source! Thank me you for changing your blog settings, it really makes a difference and I will mention it on the housekeeping update! Meanwhile, I’m late enough to see what you did I to the super impressed that the squirts ink didn’t soak through, but most of all….I LOVE WANT NEED those text stamps!!!
    you got my message about crop being cancelled, huh?

    • I did email but no idea if you will get it or not You went into SPAM – I swear the universe KNOWS us hooking up via a predictive-text anomaly was a fluke and ever since it’s trying to auto-correct by thwarting all our seemingly bog-standard communication channels…..


      And you see? Now I don’t require the email, you are listed as anonymous but I still KNEW it was you……

  3. I can’t even express how much I love that you have a Hunter S. Thompson quote in your banner. So much that my head might explode. 😀

  4. You’re always so clever at all this techy stuff – takes me ages to get my head around it all! I’m enjoying watching your art journal taking shape and those blank pages are making my fingers itch! Love the idea of using the hexagon silicone thingy to print with in your previous post – I have one of those and it will definitely be migrating from kitchen to workroom now – thanks for another fabulous idea! :o) Annie C #108

  5. I love the way you have prepared the paper in your journal and look forward to seeing what you do next.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 68

  6. Love the wrinkly papers such a pretty color too. I’m finding google+ acts differently depending on the ISP server peeps have to use. Frustrating but us Deskers do push on and try to leave comments. What fabulously support group they are! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #92

  7. I always try and leave comments sometimes the word verification thingy sends me nuts but that is not with you. I usually tell the person that I am trying to leave a message with. Julia is right, it does affect the comments we leave and it is frustrating. As for your desk, I am shocked at seeing a blank double layout, what is with that, no color? I am so used to seeing color on your desk. Hope you fill those pages soon with crafty goodness.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 52
    Happy WOYWW

  8. I love the page, such texture and am sure you will create something beautiful on it! Take care & enjoy your day. Zo xx 67

  9. I have just learnt something reading your post….. I had noted that Julia is often missing 20-40 comments on her WOYWW post each week , this maybe one of the main reasons…. I have had problems when visiting fellow WOYWW ‘s and not being able to leave a comment …. There is a lot of different systems for us to use
    Jackie 32

  10. Ooooh, a blank double spread… love the textured pages!!
    Have a happy WOYWW 🙂
    no. 35

  11. I notice you have your hand-cut handwriting stencil on your desk though – I don’t have the kit to do that but it was a fascinating post to read and looks great! Helen 16

  12. I think that was supposed to read “side NOTE,” but now I’m not even sure if that was what I was thinking. I DO know I was thinking this could be a common thread among deskers tonight, so put it in any perspective that makes sense to you (grin).

  13. Seems like Julia has started a side not discussion, besides what’s on our desks this week. Either that, or great minds think alike!! I’m early and trying to stay ahead of the game tonight, so I’ll just wish you a lovely WOYWW and hope your upgrade goes smoothly.

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