WOYWW 247 – not much

Hello WOYWW-ers.


A blank page on my desk this week – we’ll see if, given my busy day, anything will come of it!

Julia asked some questions about WordPress that I had to hunt around to answer.  If you blog with, go to your Dashboard and click the SETTINGS button.  From the menu select DISCUSSION and UNTICK the first two items in Other comment settings.  This should mean people can comment without being logged in or adding an email.  Now, to my mind, WordPress’ SPAM filter is excellent.  This should not mean you get a ton more spam but if you DO, it is most likely going to get trapped – you just need to remember to empty it occasionally.  It seems I did have this set (or the default setting is) to require entering the email and name but I’ve changed it.  If anything odd happens I’ll report back, but I’m willing to give it a go for WOYWWers.


It’ll be interesting to see if it increases my comments for WOYWW and overall! It’s also probably worth noting that *I* can’t comment on Julia’s blog because it only allows comments from Google accounts – which explains why you never see me there. I’m not ignoring WOYWW etiquette, I just can’t do it from WordPress….

Have a great day.