Red and Black modelling paste

Sometimes, I just want a fast answer.  A question occurs to me and I just have to know.

I used the basic recipe of 1 part paint, 1 part talc, and 1/2 part fabric glue.  And guess what?  Even with red and black paint, the two I expected to have to most trouble with (ending up with pink and grey once I mixed in the white glue and the white talc) turned out great.



And since I was experimenting anyway, I decided to try using the stencil I have that has the tiniest holes imaginable in it, to see how well the homemade version performs.  Would it give me well-defined dimension or would it all create a blob of colour when it squidged under the stencil?? I think this shows that it works perfectly – those holes are no bigger than the head of a pin and they are perfectly formed.

With red:



with black:



Much as I want an immediate answer, only time will tell me if this modelling paste can be stored.  Ideally I think some sort of squeeze-y bottle would be my preferred option, but I’d have to mix up a lot of it, or find a tiny bottle.  These little stackable craft storage pods I have in abundance so I just popped the excess into them – I’ll keep checking and report back to say how long they stay moist enough to use or if they dry out too quickly to store them.  Even so, it only takes a moment to mix one up so I don’t see the problem with mixing a perfect match to your project one the fly…..