St. Patrick’s Day printables

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Funny thing happened.  This morning, as I came in to my office, I found my Lucky star book laying on the floor.  It had been on the shelf when I went to bed.  Not sure if that is an indicator of GOOD luck or BAD (oh please, had enough of that recently – let it be GOOD) but it did make me thing of the upcoming St. Patrick’s day holiday.  Also because St. Patrick’s day is one of the Living In Britain test questions, which I have been doing for fun, to check how well (after 20 years) I get on – great on the social questions, not so good on the political ones, pretty rubbish on the ancient history ones.) Anyway, as I mentioned I am still in a bit of a printables mood.  Something about my fairly tidy desk is making me hesitant to tidy it up.  Clearly I work better in chaos and must figure MORE chaos is fine, but going from NEAT to CHAOTIC is less so. LOL!

Anyway, I had a bit of a go at making a little set of printables.  Now, I’m not Irish – not in the slightest.  My heritage is 75% Italian and 25% German (which we all sort of ignore) so picking the greens was a bit of a struggle.  I collected all my green options that I already had stored in my program and took the time to print them, to see how they would look.  It would be very interesting to see how they look (and how they print) on 20 other machines!  It’s all down to calibration of your monitor and the colour settings of your printer.  I wonder if there might be some really ugly versions that get spit out of a printer somewhere?



Since I wasn’t sure and have no way to guarantee yours will look like mine, I made two versions – the PDF is here.  One set is more green and the other is more white, with touches of green.  I figure even if the greens are odd, the mostly white ones should still look ok.  And you can always go back to my how-to post for changing the colours. if you really hate them!  But any feedback on how they look when you print them would be most interesting to me.

This is what they look like:



And oh wow!  My two monitors (although they are set to the SAME colorsync profile) look totally different.  If I drag that image from the LEFT monitor to the RIGHT one the colours totally change as the image crosses from one screen to the other.  Very odd.  Am I the only one who obsesses about this??

If you wanted to make some embellishments to match, the dingbat is called Clover Things and the font is called Celtic Garamond the 2nd.

One thought on “St. Patrick’s Day printables

  1. Thank you! Love them. Carol Phrr


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