A Valentine star book


DH look away now!

I have a tendency to get a bit OTT with Valentines.  I am not overly sentimental, but I seem to become more so today.  Something to do with it being the anniversary of DH asking me to marry him?  Perhaps.

Anyway, being in a star-book mood, due to the challenge, I thought to myself that it would be fun to make another one instead of just a Valentines day card. clearly I also have the bad habit of waiting till the last minute….

I love this poem.  It’s romantic, but not in an overly sentimental and squishy way.  Here is the cover:













and a shot from above…



Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 thoughts on “A Valentine star book

  1. Fun book and poem. Thank you for sharing

  2. Love your Valentine Star book – love the paper choices – are those red dots raised – as if you used paste through a stencil – your fonts are always so interesting too. A+ on Star books

    • The dots are actually embossed with an embossing folder then I touched just the raised dots to the Gelli Plate to colour them red 🙂 The font is Sibyl Green BTW – for some reason I am loving fonts with the open areas filled in nowadays. But no problems with the Os on this one LOL!



  3. Absolutely Fabulous. Love it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  5. Fab! A gal after my own heart, appreciation not mush! Great book,
    Jo x

  6. First, let me say I really appreciate all you share and how you are so curious in your creating. I’m so glad you share it with all of us.
    Happy Valentines day. I love this star book and the sentiment! It’s my favorite V-day project I’ve seen all season.

  7. Lovely

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