It’s WOYWW Day! Always a highlight of my week – I just love all the inspiration.

Not sure how inspirational my OWN desk is, mostly it’s just the usual mess.  I am in the midst of a project for  a challenge that I may just be able to finish up today.



The only thing that needs explaining is the curled up bit of a Gelli print – it’s vellum, you see, and something about the acrylic paint changes the surface tension to the point it rolls itself up into a tube.  No matter, it’s easy enough to sort out, once you get past the wet phase.  Lots of green – I wonder why……

I am also struggling with something on my desktop – the computer one.  I found a font I am quite fond of but for some unknown reason, whether it’s the font or the program I use to compose, I’m not sure, but it refuses to print the o’s –  funnily I can save it as a .jpg and they print but as a PDF, they are missing.  Bizarre.  See? here’s the .jpg:



But the PDF:



Once I figure that out, I’m off for a hop first thing in the morning.  Looking forward to seeing what you are up to….