More Gelli stamping


I wanted to play a bit more with the Gelli-as-stamp idea and as they have a challenge giveaway at Gelli Arts I thought why not?

Most of the background had other methods of applying paint, but when it came to adding the key image, well that had to be the Gelli-as-stamp.



The background is A4 in size, so fits neither the 8×10 plate or the 6×6 one perfectly.  For easy of use and the size of the image I wanted to add I used the 6×6.

I stuck the plate to a large acrylic plate (yep.  Found ’em)


I mixed a bit of glaze medium with the paint first, to increase the open time.


Rolled it onto the plate and created the detail of the print on it.



As I mentioned yesterday, I feel the paint removal techniques are where this technique really comes in to its own. Now with the mask removed all I had on the plate was my heart.



I hovered over the plate, deciding exactly where it looked best.  It wasn’t exactly where I first thought, so this helped me place it better.



I did a second heart, darker purple, and again, I was able to put it right where it needed to be without trying to peep under the paper, had I done it the usual way.



The glaze medium left the hearts semi-sheer but for the last one I wanted it to be more opaque.  It was fine, as I knew exactly where I wanted it to go so I could stamp it pretty quickly.  I rolled on some liquid paint and added the mask, then bounced a metal ruler (not TOO hard) over it.

8heartgelliLooks ok but when I stamped it…



then checked out the print, OMG!  Such a simple thing but I do love the effect, esp. of the purples showing thru.



I did a few more things to it, but maybe stopping here might have been better. Anyway here is thew whole thing.



All a bit chaotic but certainly colourful.

I also think that the Gelli-stamp idea is a good one to be able to print on a larger sheet.  I can see using the plate as a stamp on a LARGE sheet of paper, but not overlapping and printing random (square or rectangular) areas, but doing more intentional printing.  I do know I’ll do it again.  Might even try the larger plate just to see what happens.




4 thoughts on “More Gelli stamping

  1. What a fab page,love the ruler effect,off to try that now ,thanks for sharing

  2. I love the heart-y layers, and the page over-all!!

  3. Another fun page. Would like to play wit u.

  4. That’s gorgeous loving the layers on the heart!

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