I should be cropping….


…but unfortunately I have a date with a massive pile of paperwork instead.  This month both my crops fell today and as it turns out I can’t make either of them now.  Poo.

But I did want to quickly add this little play-time sample.  I was so intrigued by the ALL pencils, and love that you can add them over acrylic paint and they mix with water over the surface.  So I just did a pretty basic Gelli print with some bubble wrap and a stencil then added first the white pencil (activated with a wet brush)





then some black pencil for shadows



and a bit of paint thru a stencil and some stamping with lids and white paint, and some more black pencil



I love the painterly effect!



The pull is on black cardstock for a change.  I’ve done it before with metallic paint but not played too much with the standard acrylics.  I kinda wish I had done it right in my journal – or at least in my experimental play-time journal,  but at least I know I can add it by sticking it to a page, cause that’s worked before.

Now, DH ordered me a mug.  I think he thinks the fact I am  blogging  (and occasionally people actually read it) is…amusing.  And he thought this oe was a good match for me:



Hard to read as the text curves right around, but it says Be careful, or you’ll end up on my blog. It’s a little small, to be honest, but I have to use it, now don’t I? I do like a BIG mug. He ordered a few of them and this one is probably my next favourite:



Pretty much sums up how I feel about sorting papers…Now I just have to stop my brain from drifting into crafty mode and focus.  Easier said that done….

Hope your Saturday is more creative than mine is destined to be. Again, I say POO.


8 thoughts on “I should be cropping….

  1. Love those mugs … I have a few chemists in the family – would you please share the link for them.
    Shame about the crops – hope you can get the paperwork out of the way!

  2. I think your blog is great! I look forward to reading it and seeing what new great experiment you are trying now. 🙂

  3. Love your spread today. Great work and much more fun than doing chores….. Sigh… The mugs are kust lovely !!!
    Hugs from Spain

  4. I read u every day. I think u are y I open my mail. I wish I had your talent. But instead I copy my version of u, thank u 4 all u teach me.

  5. Love the mugs. Love your art work. I should be doing taxes today, or in the studio, but instead I am reading blogs and watching videos. You are far more productive then me today.

  6. Ya, I have some end-of-the-year paperwork to get finished up… not much though, I was good and did most of the first part of January!!! I won’t be finishing it today, I have to work in the shop all day 😦 Your page is wonderful!!! And I like the mugs alot!!!

  7. Oh Mary Anne that’s SO not fair – double POO! Love that piece you’ve made with the pencils and stencils over the gelli print, looks really cool. Hope you get through the paperwork quickly and back to the the fun part really soon! :o)

  8. I was reading this in the email but when i saw the mug (well both of them) I had to come comment – love them!! Your gelli art is also staggering today, I am just doing some faffing with backgrounds in my journal myself. POO that you can’t go cropping, I hope you get the paperwork done.
    (I am off to the Stamperama show at Stevenage tomorrow.. so you know what that means for WOYWW next week…!) Thought I’d give you enough warning so you could stay away!! )

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