I should be cropping….

…but unfortunately I have a date with a massive pile of paperwork instead.  This month both my crops fell today and as it turns out I can’t make either of them now.  Poo.

But I did want to quickly add this little play-time sample.  I was so intrigued by the ALL pencils, and love that you can add them over acrylic paint and they mix with water over the surface.  So I just did a pretty basic Gelli print with some bubble wrap and a stencil then added first the white pencil (activated with a wet brush)





then some black pencil for shadows



and a bit of paint thru a stencil and some stamping with lids and white paint, and some more black pencil



I love the painterly effect!



The pull is on black cardstock for a change.  I’ve done it before with metallic paint but not played too much with the standard acrylics.  I kinda wish I had done it right in my journal – or at least in my experimental play-time journal,  but at least I know I can add it by sticking it to a page, cause that’s worked before.

Now, DH ordered me a mug.  I think he thinks the fact I am  blogging  (and occasionally people actually read it) is…amusing.  And he thought this oe was a good match for me:



Hard to read as the text curves right around, but it says Be careful, or you’ll end up on my blog. It’s a little small, to be honest, but I have to use it, now don’t I? I do like a BIG mug. He ordered a few of them and this one is probably my next favourite:



Pretty much sums up how I feel about sorting papers…Now I just have to stop my brain from drifting into crafty mode and focus.  Easier said that done….

Hope your Saturday is more creative than mine is destined to be. Again, I say POO.