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AJ page and cool stencil

I said the other day that my talent is limited in certain areas, but how I make up for that is by finding something and bending it to my will.  I don’t even know the thought process that unearthed the image, but as soon as I saw it I knew it would be a fab and unique stencil.  It too a LOT of processing – the image lines were very pale and the file format not one I can easily work with, but a tweak or two and I managed to get it to something that was perfectly usable.



While I usually prefer to cut things with some sort of seal over them (like contact paper) or from report plastic, this one I wanted to be able to use with modelling past so it is just cut from quite thick card.  With the contact paper on it my Cricut blade would have struggled and there is nothing I hate worse than peeling something off the cutting mat to find all the little bits won’t come out.  I have an idea but not had time to try it yet.

I used it with the Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic sprays and some chalk ink, on book pages.  I cut them out and sewed around them.  Looking at the waste of the book pages I rather liked them so I just added them as well.



A little stamping and some drippy inks and the best quote I’ve seen in a long time – I also say, often, that I never know when to STOP.  The quote says 80% finished is better than 2% overworked and could have been written just for me!



And a reminder to myself this is a skill I SO need to develop.  Like when I am scrapping, sometimes I just have to walk away and let a project sit for a moment then reassess it, rather than seeing a gap and thinking OMG!  I have to fill that with something! and grabbing the first thing I see on my desk.  It is almost always a mistake.



I’ve also decided that the OTHER journal I made, from the leftover blank pages from DDs old school workbooks, is going to become my experimental playground.  It’s not going to be used for proper journaling but will contain notes and “recipes” and experiments.  That way on days when I just don’t have a burning desire to work something out or empty my head I can still play – and I won’t really care if it looks rubbish.  It’s work well as my own personal creative reference, and might help inspire me.  Colour, pattern, technique and practice will be what it is all about.  And as soon as my “magic pencil’s” get here (no luck finding the watercolour ones, except GREEN for some reason) I can have another watch and play with the face drawing.  It’s not that I feel a need to bring faces to my arty play, but as a personal challenge I do want at least draw one or two that I am happy with, to understand the process.  Then if I can cross that hurdle, if a time ever comes when I feel the need I can just do it.