WOYWW 244 – faces


Hello WOYWWers.

Well, I always say that I can’t draw.  I can’t really.  But I took a chance on a special offer at Interweave, a set of 4 classes from their Art Journaling Live series, and thinking that even if I can’t draw, I CAN be taught! One of the classes is called Face Mask and the teacher, Pam Carriker, has broken down a face into easily replicated bits so that even I can manage to make something that doesn’t look like an alien. The set of 4 classes were available for, I think, 24 hours at the bargain price of $5.  That was 4 hours of instruction for under £4.  It was a bit odd because normally the classes are downloads and I get the standard quality (which is usually about 20mb) but THESE had a message saying clicking the link opened them in your browser and they were one-time watch only or unlimited downloads – the sticking point was each part was nearly a gig!  Well, that was never going to work for me, so I  had DH download them from the office (where he has a super fast connection) and bring them home on a stick.

I was less interested in the faces class (because, hello, I CAN’T DRAW…) so saved that for last.  Although I enjoyed the other classes (Dina Wakely’s class was fab, even if I had already seen (and done) many of the AJ techniques, Julie Balzer is ALWAYS great to watch, and Traci Batista had some interesting things as well, although again, I had done a lot with Fun Foam and masks/stencils already) I wasn’t too sure about Pam’s.  Well.  What can I say?  It was outstanding.  Here is a screen shot of the face in progress:



It’s all about the lines…and the “magic pencil” that is water reactive.  I believe they are called chinagraph pencils.  Anyway I had to have a go.

It was mentioned that the template used for the face outline was exclusive to the class – not for sale, so I just grabbed a face image (from some hair-style site) and cut my own. That is what you see on my desk.Mine is a little less true oval, but it works.  Oh, and a few of the stencils from the other day as well.



Without the proper pencil, there isn’t much I can do, but even with a plain old pencil, I did manage something that looks almost human! Just by making a few simple guidelines and a few simple curved lines.



OK, so sure, the mouth needs work, but my goodness, it actually looks like a person!  More or less in proportion.  I am amazed.  And a little bit pleased.

So that is what’s on my desk.  I’m thinking I might be able to mimic the look by using (if I can find them) my watercolour pencils.  It won;’t be perfect but I can still play around with it.

Now, I have to wait in for a repair man – we keep getting a LOCK OUT light come on on the boiler and there is the overwhelming smell of oil coming from it, so it’s needing servicing.  At least having to stay in (no shopping! YAY!) I’ll have plenty of time to desk hop.  Last week I thought I had added myself round about 29 to the WOYWW list but when I went back to hop, I was nowhere to be found.  The my internet went away for a while.  I did drop in round about 100 but never managed even a visit due to further internet issues.  Fingers crossed this week will be a lot less problematic!

Happy WOYWW!



31 thoughts on “WOYWW 244 – faces

  1. What a bargain on your classes. And your face looks great! I think you can draw. 🙂 April #24

  2. Way to go MaryAnne. It is interesting how well you can do if you do actually follow a ‘technique’ – I have tried myself. Trouble is I don’t do it enough for it to become second nature which is what I would really like. But then I’m lazy, I want to be good at something straight away and that isn’t very realistic so, yeah bring back the stamps and the paint!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #97

  3. That is impressive. I could always draw anything EXCEPT faces. Well, bird faces, but no other faces.

    Happy woyww to you!
    #88 this week

  4. fabulous – well done. i was wondering what we were going to see but you can SO draw.
    famfa 5 p.s. one direction knitted dolls? ummm NO! sorry ha ha

  5. You face looks great! The more you practice the better you will get at it! A great online class I can’t recommend enough, is Jane Davenport’s beginner drawing class called ‘draw happy’. She shows you the basics of drawing faces, and you wouldn’t need a template 🙂 (P.s. I claim no responsibility if any sort of face drawing addiction that may occur after taking said class lol )

    Take care!

  6. I love that you are always trying out something new and it’s always exciting. I can see that you are doing well with your new faces! Thanks for popping in on me and such a co-incidence re the crochet jewellery too,
    jo x

  7. Your post is fascinating. Good for you to dive in and work on your apparent weakness. I have watched others drawing and they all say that anyone can do it, if they just get over the hurdle of fear of trying. That is something else that I am gradually getting back into, but progress is slow. Thank you for your visit today. I do have a lot of clarity stamps, but they are just so versatile, and work together well. They also allow me to add odd bits of drawing of my own. Barbara is an inspired teacher. I did one of her workshops last year and I am doing a two day one later this year. She is also just as lovely as she seems to be on the telly. Have a great time with your drawing. xx Maggie #3

  8. Just read your comment on my blog post about the baby oil. Believe it or not, that is why I bought it. I saw the post you shared about cleaning the gelli with it, so, even before I’ve ever opened my gelli box, I bought a jar for future use. And yes, it was all thanks to YOU (just not the leaking part, of course).

  9. Well done on the face-drawing, great results. I can’t draw for love or money, all mine would look like that rich woman who overdid it on the face lifts, (Wilderstern or something like that). I remember the proportions bit from school art classes but as I was always 32nd in a class of 33 I gave up.

    Happy Wednesday.
    Ann B

  10. Hi Mary Anne, your drawing is looking really good – what a result! I’ve already told you how much I love your stencils, really cool. Have you ever watched Mark Crilley drawing on YouTube? Wow – it’s mesmerising to watch. Happy WOYWW Annie C #65

  11. Your face looks pretty amazing to me. Drawing is something I definitely can’t do but would so love to be able too.
    Hugs Lisax #54

  12. I really doubt if I could draw a face like that, even with guidelines! My stickmen for my grandchildren even get confused with dogs. LOL
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #20

  13. I admire you for facing something head on and ending up with a really good result. Like everything, drawing takes practise and when I was a young un, I drew ALL the time and consequently took art to A Level. And I haven’t done it for ages and you have stirred me into action. I am going to dig out my stuff and spend a few minutes a day drawing anything that grabs my fancy.
    Thanks for the great ideas re the beads too….that crochet technique sounds fun 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  14. Yep, Kyla means the WOYWW Crop for sure!
    And hey – turns out you CAN draw, you just had to unlock the beast! Peggy and Patsy are face drawers extraordinaire if you ask me – I know how dificult it is…and like most things that I’m not very good at, I haven’t persisted long enough to get any better, so am admiring your time spent learning and getting somewhere!

  15. Wow that’s amazing well done for having a go – you’ve done an awesome job!

  16. Faces are SOOOO difficult to draw, but you’ve made a fantastic start!
    Lovely to catch up with you again – it’s been a while 🙂
    no. 34

  17. Hullo there Maryanne.. yes great face there … well done great to learn a new skill sorry about your internet that can be a pain.. in every way, pray it is fixed soon. Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #31

  18. I am not doing woyww this week as too busy with work…but I did spy your post….fabulous faces.
    I use suzi blu face tutorials but I may have to have a look at these too…..or perhaps you could do a show and tell at the crop? 🙂

    yep, you cam definitely draw faces.

    • Perhaps, but I usually shy away from trying to “teach” something I’m not very good at! I assume you mean the next WOYWW crop? – but that is SO FAR away…. could you wait that long?



  19. Your face looks great – I can’t draw either, and my internet connection is rubbish, I can’t watch you-tube videos properly so I’d have no chance with these classes, but they sound fascinating. Good luck with your drawing. Helen 7

  20. Hi Maryanne. Ah, the old face geometry from college art class. I’ll tell ya though, I really like the way Suzi Blu teaches it in her book, Mixed-Media Girls. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that dear son of yours repaid your toil and sweat for all those delicious meals by gifting you a nice face book for Valentines Day? I’m thinking you’d be all over that book in no time. Keep on being wonderful, xoxo.

  21. I’m really impressed with your face. I wish I could draw. Guess that’s why I love rubberstamps. Peg R 25

  22. Hi Mary Anne…I’m no artist but your work is looking pretty real to me. Great bargain and good on you for having a go…Cheers RobynO#16

  23. $5 for the online class sounds good value! Well done on trying something new , it’s never easy to move onto something new! Hope the internet issues are all sorted
    Jackie 10

  24. Your face is looking good, I did a class with DJ Pettit years ago and loved it, I really should polish my faces more but hey, I will get back to it when the time is right. I do like what you have done, faces can be a challenge but once you work out the recipe they are just shading and filling. I do hope your internet issues are solved soon. Stay warm and happy crafting.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 12
    Happy WOYWW

  25. Good for you tackling face drawing.It’s tricky, but doable, and you have done it!great stuff.

  26. Your stencils are cool. The one on the right makes me think of the old cartoon-type Dick Tracy. Your face turned out pretty good! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #11

  27. Looks like you got a real bargain in those classes. Of course, I love your men stencils/masks and feel they would make a great starting point. I think you did a super job, especially since I can’t draw, either. Hope your internet stays stable. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  28. you could definitely use a watercolor pencil to do that. Just to let you know, the lessons are much more expensive now. The set is 4 is $34.99 or the individual ones are $12.99

  29. I just watched that video last night! What a coincidence…I haven’t tried her method yet, but your face turned out great! I want to get one of those stabilo (sp?) pencils and try it out too. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

  30. Your face looks great! I watched the same video and love it. Try doing a face a day for 100 days and you’ll be amazed at what will happen to your skills. Wishing you all the best!

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