WOYWW 244 – faces

Hello WOYWWers.

Well, I always say that I can’t draw.  I can’t really.  But I took a chance on a special offer at Interweave, a set of 4 classes from their Art Journaling Live series, and thinking that even if I can’t draw, I CAN be taught! One of the classes is called Face Mask and the teacher, Pam Carriker, has broken down a face into easily replicated bits so that even I can manage to make something that doesn’t look like an alien. The set of 4 classes were available for, I think, 24 hours at the bargain price of $5.  That was 4 hours of instruction for under £4.  It was a bit odd because normally the classes are downloads and I get the standard quality (which is usually about 20mb) but THESE had a message saying clicking the link opened them in your browser and they were one-time watch only or unlimited downloads – the sticking point was each part was nearly a gig!  Well, that was never going to work for me, so I  had DH download them from the office (where he has a super fast connection) and bring them home on a stick.

I was less interested in the faces class (because, hello, I CAN’T DRAW…) so saved that for last.  Although I enjoyed the other classes (Dina Wakely’s class was fab, even if I had already seen (and done) many of the AJ techniques, Julie Balzer is ALWAYS great to watch, and Traci Batista had some interesting things as well, although again, I had done a lot with Fun Foam and masks/stencils already) I wasn’t too sure about Pam’s.  Well.  What can I say?  It was outstanding.  Here is a screen shot of the face in progress:



It’s all about the lines…and the “magic pencil” that is water reactive.  I believe they are called chinagraph pencils.  Anyway I had to have a go.

It was mentioned that the template used for the face outline was exclusive to the class – not for sale, so I just grabbed a face image (from some hair-style site) and cut my own. That is what you see on my desk.Mine is a little less true oval, but it works.  Oh, and a few of the stencils from the other day as well.



Without the proper pencil, there isn’t much I can do, but even with a plain old pencil, I did manage something that looks almost human! Just by making a few simple guidelines and a few simple curved lines.



OK, so sure, the mouth needs work, but my goodness, it actually looks like a person!  More or less in proportion.  I am amazed.  And a little bit pleased.

So that is what’s on my desk.  I’m thinking I might be able to mimic the look by using (if I can find them) my watercolour pencils.  It won;’t be perfect but I can still play around with it.

Now, I have to wait in for a repair man – we keep getting a LOCK OUT light come on on the boiler and there is the overwhelming smell of oil coming from it, so it’s needing servicing.  At least having to stay in (no shopping! YAY!) I’ll have plenty of time to desk hop.  Last week I thought I had added myself round about 29 to the WOYWW list but when I went back to hop, I was nowhere to be found.  The my internet went away for a while.  I did drop in round about 100 but never managed even a visit due to further internet issues.  Fingers crossed this week will be a lot less problematic!

Happy WOYWW!