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Page and Paper

Finished (except the journaling – I usually share the pages without that)and happy with it – I used a favourite old stamp that fit my thoughts exactly.


I think I am a better scanner than I am a photographer.  But the closer shot of the stamped image (stamped on Deli paper with Archival ink and stuck to the page with acrylic medium) shows it better.



I really need to spend some time calibrating my monitors!  The left monitor is much darker and brighter for some reason, even though they use the same colour profile.  It throws me off when I view a photo in iPhoto on the left then it pops up on the right monitor in the mail message which is how I resize them.

I also bought some fairly cheap canvas inkjet paper from Amazon

4AJsecretsdoneand the scan printed quite nicely, I think.



Slightly more intense and the pink in particular is VERY bright, but it has a lovely texture to it.  Maybe a bit on the heavy side for collage, but at £5 for 50 sheets I’m sure I can make use of it.

Happy Friday!