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Still playing with inks – AJ start

I am a little frustrated.  I was able to do what I wanted to do a couple of weeks ago but am having trouble recreating my experiment.  It was mixing inks (and as it was all I had at the time, I was using Colorwash spray) with glaze medium and loading it into a bottle to create a waterproof mist.  I swear it worked, but then I laid my sample down on top of some wet paint and ruined it.  I threw it in the bin because I didn’t expect I would struggle to make another.  Well, I am.  I want to get some liquid medium and see if that improves my success rate.

But anyway, I also just wondered if I could mix the inks with the glaze and get something more waterproof.  Not perfect but much better as only a hint of colour leeches out when I brush over it with the acrylic medium, rather than getting great smears all across the page. But let me begin at the beginning…

I used that fun-foam stuck to pipe insulation tube material on a paint roller handle to roll on some grey paint



I stuck a few scraps of papers in a couple of areas. Then I mixed up some of the Dylusions ink (some pink and some yellow) with some glaze medium and brushed that over, a bit splotchy. It is nicely sheer and slightly glossy.



Not sure you can properly see how nifty this looks.  Then I smeared some acrylic paint on a bit of deli paper and pressed that to the surface – I like the contrast of sheer and matte.





Maybe more obvious here?



The ink mixed with the glaze medium over the white gessoed background is really bright.

Let’s see.. then, as I had some of the yellow with glaze left I forced that thru a stencil.



When it dried it was interesting as it was translucent and showed the colour behind at least a bit and can you see the text thru it?



And as I had some of the pink left as well I mixed that with some white PAINT and added another layer of opaque colour. Just scraped it on with a credit card.



There is some stamping with a coffee jar lid that has an odd shape, you can just see that above, I think.

So then I went back to the stamp pad I made a couple of days ago with the white acrylic ink – the lid was on and when I opened it it still stamped fine.  But then I let the stamp touch some pink on my palette and that contaminated it, so there’s my excuse to try washing it out!





I think you can just about see the numbers there in the middle.  I also added some letters with a stencil and a graphite pencil



I’ll finish it up and share it tomorrow when I can get a decent photo of it.  I have to say I am really liking the layers and the colours! We’ll see if I still love it in the morning…..

Cars in the shop, to finish up  the problem from last week, and DD is back in school. Pick up in the AM, I hope, then the rest of the day to finish up the page – and do laundry and shop and clean.  My life is just SO full of fun, isn’t it?