WOYWW243 – more experiments

Happy experimental WOYWW.  My desk is in a bit of a state but only because I am still playing about with the spray inks. You might find it handy to look back to yesterday’s post so this one makes more sense.



I’ll explain my results via this gallery of shots. Hover over them to reveal the text for each image.

It’s an interesting experiment but gives rise to the question  is it worth it?  You can just use archival ink and that will be waterproof.  And while I haven’t looked, there must be a decent white waterproof stamp pad out there.  But I really do think the shimmery colour with the addition of the Pearl-ex is so pretty.  I can see that looking quite nice on a card or a layout.  And certainly the acrylic ink stamped images from yesterday have an interesting matte finish, and a little texture to them – And mixing in the white ink and glaze medium give some pretty pastels, slightly opaque, that you don’t get with a stamp pad.  I do like the idea that I can use stuff I have even if it is a little more effort, rather than buying more stuff. Plus, I like the I wonder if I can….? aspect. I do get that not everyone is like that LOL! 

I finally took delivery of something I’ve been waiting for that I hope is going to be fab but that will have to wait for some more experimentation, so check back – THAT is what is on my W today, really. I do hope it works…..but you know me – even if it doesn’t work, even if it is a spectacular FAIL, I’ll still share it.