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Another slightly odd one.  I was looking at my watercolour paper pad for some other project, and I was drawn to the little bits leftover on the spiral binding when you tear out a clean sheet.

I carefully tore those scraps out and coloured them with a mixture of drawing ink and acrylic ink – it was interesting the way they interacted when mixed. Spritzing them with water made each run, but at a different pace, and they also sort of separated.  Hard to explain but they looked like this:



I had some other thinner weight graph paper notebooks that also have a tear off strip so I grabbed a few of them as well and used Distress stain and pink Cosmic Shimmer on those.



That scrap paper under it, after the Cosmic Shimmer got sprayed, will appear again later – this whole page is very much made from rubbish.

I journaled on the little area of the watercolour paper strips, under the holes

3tearoffstripsThen I took a pile of Gelli prints on deli paper, all scrappy bits leftover mostly from the canvases I made for DH and DS at Christmas, and some bits from DS’s Flowers for Algernon book – they were all colours that worked, for me.

The trick is to stick the deli paper layers just UNDER the bottom edge of the watercolour paper strips.  The upper layers should all be loose over the watercolour strips so they can be flipped back to reveal the journaling.



An angled shot



and the full page:



Now, remember I mentioned DH was doing an online cook-off, with chilies? It was for the Capsicana Twitter cook-off

It was for a BRUNCH dish and this is his take on a spicy version of a British classic, Toad in the Hole.  It’s called Fire in the Hole.  There were LOTS of entires and quite surprisingly, he won! You can see all the entries by searching for the hashtag #CapsicanaCookoff. And you can see more photos and the process where he VERY infrequently blogs here. There were A LOT of chilies in it…