AJ page – working thru the ugly

In one of my Interweave classes, the presenter came to a point where she said we viewers would be saying OMG! Paula what are you doing? That’s a hot mess! and her advice was that you need to be prepared to work thru the uglies.  I get that.  That is one of two problems I have already identified while I am exploring and playing with the whole art journal lark.  The other is the whole knowing when to stop/knowing when NOT to stop. I get to a point, I like where a page is, and then I carry one to the ugly – usually I move past that (ok, yes, in the all of 4 or so pages I’ve done, clearly I have a WORLD of experience behind me….NOT) to something I like again, but sometimes I do think longingly of that perfect point where I liked it a lot and wished I had stopped.

This page has two meanings – the journaling, which is just down along the right side, simply says In art, like life, sometimes you just have to work thru it…. So true.


I don’t usually bother to take staged photos of a page – first because it seems to break my flow if I’m constantly grabbing for the camera, but more importantly I don’t view myself as any sort of talent or expert and feel I don’t really have much to add to all the really talented folk out there already doing detailed step-by-steps for people like me to learn from.  But I will note a couple of things.  The larger words are stamped on a scrap of my palette paper – I felt that was a nice way to get the same colours without any additional effort.


They tiny book text is cut from a Famous Five book – this is a problem for me.  I’ve never READ the Famous Five, not growing up in the UK.  I was very much a Nancy Drew kinda gal.  But as I looked thru the old book, I kept getting sucked in to the story.  I should have read it before I cut out the first few words.  LOL!  The text is a little stilted, making the best of what was available, rather than finding the perfect words, but I think it gets the point across in a quirky sort of way….



And one tiny bit more…



MPnotgoodI also discovered on major issue with using the highly crumpled and textured paper bags as a base.  They are fairly flimsy but even gessoed it is mighty hard to lay on a stencil and be able to press it flat to the ridged surface and get a clean modelling paste detail.

You can see it here best – the stencil just can’t make smooth and tight contact with the background enough to keep the paste from squidging under it.  I guess I can live with it.

I rather like the perhaps unusual colour combos on this page.  I’d use it again…it’s a struggle to keep myself from lapsing into tonal/ombre/expected colour combos and just thinking PURPLE, LIME and MINT with a touch of magenta, to myself makes me go YUCK!  but I actually love it.

I DO have something I am dying to try but need to wait for a delivery first.  Fingers crossed it’ll be tomorrow. If it works like I hope it will I’ll take the time to show more detail, I promise.