Highs & Lows/Ups & Downs colourful Project Life Printables


Bet you thought with all my messy art journal play I had totally abandoned my other interests.  Not so.  I’ve had these on my mind for a while.  DH is doing an online cooking competition for brunch recipes (with chilies, of course – a BAG of chilies, in fact!) so while he was getting that sorted I popped to my desk to make them.

Not a huge set, a couple each orientation and a single matching journaling card that you should be able to flip any way you need to, to fit your page. I should mention there are no box-lines on that but plenty of white space for you to cut it to size, OR cut just the colourful strip to add to a small photo as a little tie-in embellishment!


They’re bright and bold, and there is a slight texture to the colourful stripes.  I’ve been called to the kitchen so not had time to print them.  Do let me know if there are any issues! Just a one page PDF and not huge, sizewise – grab it here!

2 thoughts on “Highs & Lows/Ups & Downs colourful Project Life Printables

  1. Don’t want to wear out my welcome or seem like a stalker – I know I JUST commented on another post — but I was just wondering, on this printable – when I go to print it – it is actually in black & white. Any ideas on why that is happening? Thanks!

    • Humm. If I had to guess it might be some setting in your printer? No one else has mentioned this and they def. print in colour for me. Are you downloading them or printing it from the PDF when it opens in your browser window? I just tried THAT to make sure it’s still in colour and it is. It seems odd if all the rest of the print in colour but this one doesn’t. Could it be you triggered some Grayscale setting or another in your printer dialog box?? I emailed you about the other comment so we can chat about it a bit more if you can’t work it out.

      Very bizarre…


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