Another AJ page


Well.  What can I say about this one?

A couple of years ago we found out that a professional we hired to do a job did it not only poorly, but WRONG.  Badly wrong.  Since then it feels like life has been consumed with sorting it out.  The anger, the frustration, the worry – it may not seem like it from what you read here, but it has been …. awful.  Last week we received word that there was a resolution in sight.  Decision time.  Choose one path, and things would basically be concluded in a not-great, but not the worst possible, way.  Choose to carry on fighting and it could be two or more years before there was any sort of resolution, with no guarantee of a better (and always the possibility of a WORSE) outcome.  I don’t think either of us were totally HAPPY with the resolution but I know we were BOTH ready for it to be over.  But I find myself second-guessing every decision, looking for the path that we might have taken for a better outcome.  And I realized that it was time to let it go and just move on.  Nothing is going to change where we are now, at this moment, but the future is still unwritten. Time to look ahead rather than back.

There is a fair amount of symbolic things used here – there is a bit of a base of some torn bits of security liners for business envelopes.  AJletitgobase

The letters were also stamped on that same paper.  There is some washi tape and some shiny number tape too

2AJletitgobaseThen, plenty of black and blue – my black mood, having the blues, feeling battered black and blue…take your pick.





Some thread stuck o the page as well, my unravelling, the snarl of emotions, you get the idea…2AJletitgo

So do I feel better about it all?  Not sure yet.  I haven’t written the journaling yet – I am rather thinking of using a white gel pen on the white background, maybe around the edges, maybe in the white areas, but I know I will have a LOT to say. Maybe that will mark the turning of the page.

One commenter said “Pretty is over-rated”  – well this page isn’t pretty, but then it wasn’t a pretty situation to be in so I guess that fits symbolically too!

My first two-pages-treated-as-one.



and that rather means getting a good scan of two pages will be tricky.  Oh well – something to keep in mind for the future…..




8 thoughts on “Another AJ page

  1. I love this page! I love the emotion that you put into it with the colors you chose, and the other media that symbolizes how you are feeling.

  2. perfect! your page makes me think of a way I have of letting go – it involves a very large body of water – river, lake, ocean and some good size rocks. I label the rocks with what is making me sad or mad – usually mad and then I throw it as far as I can and LET IT GO – successful most of the time – repeat as needed. happy day – ruth

  3. I think it’s great that you could turn a bad situation into a cool art journal page 🙂 I hope things work out for the best for you!

  4. Sorry you found yourselves in this position, but there is only so much we can put up with without making ourselves very unhappy! Bite the bullet, scream and shout 🙂 , throw paint and make more powerful pieces like the one above….you will put it behind you soon I hope (fingers crossed!!!)

  5. it’s wonderful that you’ve symbolically let it all go in this amazing piece of art – love the idea of using the envelopes! :o)

  6. Oh bless you, glad you’ve come to a conclusion albeit not with the win win outcome which would have been nice. Loving the art journalling you’ve done, loving the threads as well, saw an amazing book at Yorkshire Sculpture Park last week that had lots of threads built into the pages – beautiful!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead.


  7. I think you did a great job with this! Let me know how the scan works out. The one you scanned the other day turned out awesome! The “What If” thinking will drive you crazy, so leave it all on the artwork!

  8. I completely feel for you, MA. We had a similar situation with a cow boy builder a couple of months ago. Letting it go … we all have to, don’t we?
    Wish you the best
    Shuya Cheng
    P.S. sorry I can’t help but dropping a few lines here

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