Re-Create Yourself (AJ page)


Still having fun – and I decided that, yes, in fact, having a riot of colour with no real care towards what pages are next to each other, is def. the way to go.

Here is the page I hinted at yesterday:



Now, that is a photo of the page, as is this:



But one thing I have seen over and over in the mixed media world is the suggestion to SCAN your own pages to use them later torn up, resized, or even just smaller areas, as a way to make your art more YOU.  Rather than depend on commercially, mass-produced papers, doing this means what you are using will be uniquely yours.  I love that.  So I had a go – once I stopped doing two-page scrapbook layouts routinely, I haven’;t really used my scanner like I used to.  Well, look at this scan of that same page – how much richer the colours are, and crisper the stamping. Interesting.

I scanned it without the writing around the edges, and edited out (not very well) the date stamp:




Now, I just need to find the sort of paper for printing digital images that is light-weight but with a bit of a sheen to it.  My feeling is photo paper will be too thick and matte paper won’t really show the colours off at their best.  Something tells me I’m not going to find what I need at Staples….. {sigh}

16 thoughts on “Re-Create Yourself (AJ page)

  1. Oh that’s gorgeous and what a fab idea scanning and reusing!

  2. ah Maryanne just brilliant LOVE the colours and yes clever way to reuse as paper (if your work is as brilliant as yours :D)
    … but re what paper to use, I i would use a coated inkjet paper and it really makes the colours pop better than most.. and is quite light about 80gsm.. not sure if that helps you, happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #6

  3. This is just beautiful…your photos as well as your comments of discovery. Jes keep doin’ it!!! Love it. I want to see more!

  4. another internet artist friend has an interesting technique you might want to try:

    • Thanks for the link – it might not be why you added it but I downloaded Pam Cariker’s Interweave class and saw that striking image of the lady’s face – I loved it and now, thanks to this, it looks like she has it available as a stamp. Cool. I’ll explore the whole site later but first glimpse (when I should be packing lunches for DH and DD!) looks interesting. I’ve certainly come across Traci’s stuff before but never really explored it in depth. Well worth doing, I think.

      I do love my commenters – they always have so much to share.


  5. check Traci Bautista’s site – she does that all the time. She has too much to look through, but start here and maybe send her an email:

    • Oops : Added the reply to the wrong comment 😀 But I have used t-shirt transfer a LOT, but not in this way. Might be interesting to play with!


  6. Your page is wonderful, I love the layers and colors!

  7. I’ve been using Southworth Resume paper – 100 /box – good weight for pages – not slick but prints well Yupo paper would be too slick
    i think. – keep experimenting – xxruth

  8. Take a look at general 32# presentation paper. It isn’t too heavy and has a really nice finish on it. I think Teesha Moore uses this type/weight paper to make reproductions of her work for collage papers.

    • Hummm. I’ll have a Google of that – some things common to the USA aren’t so common (or are prohibitively expensive) here in the UK. But if Teesha uses it it must be good! 🙂

  9. Have you tried wh smith premium coated inkjet paper? When I attended a class given by Kate Crane this was a paper she recommended. Have used it for printing out digi images, and coloured with co pics which has worked well. However I am not sure how it would work with paints of any kind.
    I enjoy your daily posts and often wonder how you make time to achieve so much.

    • Oooh – off to have a look right now – I’m not interested in painting on it but getting a good reproduction if I print something I made on it IYKWIM 🙂

      and if you saw my house you would know how I find the time. It’s tidy but by no means pristine. I keep up with it – just about – and focus on the kitchen and the bathroom when I have the time. I don’t iron anything but paper 🙂 and shop as infrequently as I am forced to. Little stolen moments all add up…


  10. There is certainly a talent to your jumble, mine just always looks like mush.

  11. Wow, the scan is so much brighter! I do like your use of opposite colours!

  12. superbe!!!!! j’adore les couleurs….

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