Re-Create Yourself (AJ page)

Still having fun – and I decided that, yes, in fact, having a riot of colour with no real care towards what pages are next to each other, is def. the way to go.

Here is the page I hinted at yesterday:



Now, that is a photo of the page, as is this:



But one thing I have seen over and over in the mixed media world is the suggestion to SCAN your own pages to use them later torn up, resized, or even just smaller areas, as a way to make your art more YOU.  Rather than depend on commercially, mass-produced papers, doing this means what you are using will be uniquely yours.  I love that.  So I had a go – once I stopped doing two-page scrapbook layouts routinely, I haven’;t really used my scanner like I used to.  Well, look at this scan of that same page – how much richer the colours are, and crisper the stamping. Interesting.

I scanned it without the writing around the edges, and edited out (not very well) the date stamp:




Now, I just need to find the sort of paper for printing digital images that is light-weight but with a bit of a sheen to it.  My feeling is photo paper will be too thick and matte paper won’t really show the colours off at their best.  Something tells me I’m not going to find what I need at Staples….. {sigh}