So , the saving grace is this is constructed from stuff that would otherwise go in the bin or in the burn-box.

I’m happy-ish with it but the spine will always annoy me.  I did suspect it might be an issue, but carried on anyway, and to me fair it really WASN’T an issue till I sewed in the last signature.  The cover is the hodge podge of all leftover bits from my roll-off pad.



The spine I sewed based on a suggestion given to me when I asked bookbinders about multiple signatures sewn thru single holes.  I ended up doing the top five and bottom five as singles, but sewed all thru the same middle hole.



The spine was stuck with thick black duct tape and seems very sturdy – plus it opens really nice and flat.  BUT there is a little dimple on the pages where the last signature was sewn in



The weirdest thing is if I flip the book over, and treat the BACK cover as the front cover there is no hint of  the dimple at all – not on the page that opens the book (like the photo above) and not in the first 4 signature – only in the LAST one can you see it at all.

bizarre.  I’ll def. remember that and start sewing from the first rather than the last signature.

Now I just need to stick the pages two-together to give them a bit more weight.

I must do a bit of research – would it be best to pre-Gesso a lot of pages in this junky journal so when I am rolling off the brayer, soaking up spray ink, scraping off excess paint, etc, the pages are “ready” or will multiple layers of paint be all that these pages need in terms of a base for future journaling??

I find, too, that I have the same problem I used to have with scrapbooking – treating the left page as ONE page and the right page (in a two page spread) as a completely unrelated page OR treat the two of them as a single larger page?  I’ve managed to overcome my need for the two pages to “match” in my scrapbook albums, but now I am right back there, same question, AGAIN, with baby steps to AJ play.  Sure, if you have a pretty style, consider your page’s overall design at every step, and like things to be neat, it makes sense.  But it could be a plus that you have a messy page – I tend to think so but that might be because I am drawn to that kind of art.  And I think it is easier to truly PLAY if you aren’t constantly considering how PRETTY it’s going to be in the end.  And for ME – that is what this process is all about. To quote,  Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful. And I aim for my journal to be meaningful, even if only to me and pretty be damned….