PB AJ – made a page

Well, a few things to mention,

First, I have to wonder if the paper bags are too thin.  I’m not entirely sure how well they will stand up to loads of paint and ink.  The first clue was brushing on the Gesso.  It was hard to get good coverage.  As the brush pulled the paper bag paper it wrinkle and shifted.  OK, when the Gesso DRIED it seemed a lot more stable a surface, and I suspect with both sides covered it will be even better. but it is a worry.  I did find that spreading the Gesso with an old gift card worked great and will do that on all future pages



I spent quite a bit of time cutting up old magazines, thinking back to things I’ve seen, work I admired.  But really, is my goal to mimic some other person’s style?  Do I really want to be a poor imitation of Teesha Mooore?  Perhaps not.



While I am not opposed to using TECHNIQUES I’ve seen, I am more interested in my pages being, well, MINE.  For example I did a technique I had seen, perhaps in one of the Interweave videos, perhaps on You Tube, but DEF. from JournalArtista, where she painted then laid on a stencil (or in my case, sequin waste) and rubbed away the still wet paint to leave the Gesso (or in my case the background layer of already dried paint).  Def. wanting to play with this a bit more – I have an idea….



What is the thing I hope has come across as the one thing I totally love?  Well, fonts of course.  I figured that as long as I had cut up all those magazines, and since there was a LOT of text I might as well figure out a way to use it.



Lots of layers, stamping, painty play, etc.  and the writing is around the edges – that appeals to me and might be my unifying element.  There is plenty of space and isn’t to focus of the page.  At this point that is what I am comfortable with.



And of course I didn’t miraculously fall in love with my own chicken-scratch handwriting overnight so…

I am also a little concerned about the machine stitching.  I did say I feared it might not hold and I am trying to decide if I should make use of a new tool (Japanese book drill with 6 different tips – kinda like an Anywhere Punch but without the need for a hammer) and go ahead and sew the signatures as well as having them machine stitched.  Still dithering about that – might give it a few more pages as so far it seems to be OK but I don’t want it to slip past the point of repair without me realizing.

It was enjoyable.  But I fear I am over-thinking it.  The whole process needs to be a bit more….medatative, I think.  Problem is I have so much on my mind I am flying off in 20 directions at once.  Maybe this will help me focus on one thing at a time and really think it thru.  That can only be a good thing, right? Hummm. We’ll see….

Now, I went back to a font site I haven’t been to in YEARS and found a whole load of fun new ones so I may just have to switch gears and play with them for a bit…