Journal done

I finished and it worked out fairly well.  who am I kidding?  I’m over the moon with it.

I sewed the signatures to the spine – I won’t know until I actually use it how effective and sturdy that will be!  I did one signature with a small stitch and one with a bit longer one – I worry that the small stitch will be too weak and in future I think I might use the clear nylon thread or thicker linen thread.  What can I do but use it and see what happens?

There is very little gap between the signatures – I marked and clamped it all carefully to try to keep it all straight.



And the signatures open nicely and pretty flat – certainly at least as flat as a moleskin journal



You can see the stitching but it’s not obtrusive IYKWIM

Cutting the cover pieces to fit was simple enough – I cut the two areas I liked best to size, and stuck the spine to them, front and back, then stuck the leftover bits (just a bit too small widthwise) to sandwich



I added a strip of the bags left over when I trimmed them to size, over the bare bit, both to reinforce it and to cover the gap.


I pressed some drywall tape into gold paint on the Gelli plate.  I often use my smaller Gelli plate as a sort of stamp pad, for lack of a better word.  I find the giving nature of the surface and the fact the paint does stay damp for a bit, works really well  to press in a stamp, get good cover on it, and then stamp. So I thought this would work with the drywall tape.  It did, but to be honest I’m not sure just brayering the paint on wouldn’t have worked equally as well. 

5PBAJmoreI Covered the spine with a bit of the brown bag then layered the gold drywall tape over that. The adhesive on it is not that strong, so I may end up adding a layer of acrylic medium over it – in fact I may end up doing the whole cover, just to make it waterproof too.



I one sense I am dying to get some paint into it, but in another I am scared stiff to mess it up.  I just gotta let go, I think, and have at it!