WOYWW 241 – class projects


Happy WOYWW day!  I’ve been looking back at a couple of the Interweave classes I downloaded and at a couple of You Tube videos and playing. What’s on my desk is a large sheet of watercolour paper that has been painted with Jane Davies “scribble paint” technique with a few things layered over that. It will become…something else


I like the technique – it’s super easy but with enough scope for you to bring your own flair to it.  I’ll have to see if an idea I have will work before I share. Here’s a bit of a close up:


Now DS is finally gone back to Uni, with luck crafting time will be more possible – I have a ton of things I want to be doing.  And I’m sure after hopping around desks this week there will be a ton more!

18 thoughts on “WOYWW 241 – class projects

  1. Lovely backgrounds. I see you are trying art journals too. I must admit, I love the fact that not only do you get to keep the art, but its a smaller size so less intimidating and I can experiment in one place.

    Ah, the fake suede technique with the washed paper bags, its great isnt it? SO good as a background or die cut or even pleated and stitched. Its amazing how tough brown paper bags are 🙂
    i look forward to seeing your experiments. My problem is sourcing them…..I was scrounging them from our local sandwich shop but I make my own lunches now so it would look a bit odd!!


  2. Beautiful background piece–you’ll surely create something wonderful with it!

    #83 this week

  3. That paper is looking fantastic! Its great having the grown kids home, but even better when they leave again.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #78

  4. Your paper is looking amazing, I love what you’ve done, so much texture and the colours are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what it turns into.
    Hugs Lisax #53

  5. Fascinating project! Great texture and colors! Thanks for popping in at my place and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #4

  6. I love the HUGE bubble paper. I never seen it that huge!! Lovely color combination as well 🙂

  7. Oh I love the printing, such a great technique and looks fab. Take care Zo xx 56

  8. Wow! This looks beautiful! I love those colours and the texture together. Can’t wait to see what you do next! Julie Ann xx#54

  9. Looks like a masterpiece in the making, love the colours and look forward to seeing the finished article
    Daisy #63 (kim)

  10. Your desk is always full of new exciting ideas – I am glad to be subscribed to your blog so I always get the fresh info!
    Lots of hugs,

  11. Now this looks like fun – whatever it is going to be I’m sure it will look great.
    Have a good week playing and doing!!
    Margaret #52

  12. That is one really amazing page, I am now intrigued as to what you are cooking up and will have to check back, but let’s face it I will be back anyway, I love your blog. Happy crafting.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 32

  13. Good morning Mary Ann, I like the back ground paper you have made, nice choice of colour . Not heard of that technique though!
    Jackie 18

  14. Hi Mary Anne, your paper looks terrific, even had a dabble myself today with some old paint…didn’t work to well and the geli plate is new to me so it’s just more playing around I suppose – I’ve bookmarked your blog so I can get some inspiration, cheers have a creative week RobynO #13

  15. What a gorgeous paper you’ve made – it holds all kinds of possibilities, I’m sure.. sorry but I’ve been shopping this time (well it was what was late for last week’s really…!) Helen 7

  16. I LOVE this. Not sure what the scribble technique is, but I am sure I’ll find out soon. At least, as soon as I get time to go back over your blog posts and such. One thing I know is, I love the looks of this watercolor paper so far.

    Thanks for your comment from last week. I worry so much about that new plate, I haven’t even tried it yet. Hopefully, things will warm a bit in the next week or so, and I’ll be able to begin playing, following some of your crafty gelli examples. And thanks for letting me add your link to my sidebar. Have a great WOYWW from # 16 this week.

  17. Is that a a recycled paper towel paper roll with some foam letter adhered to it in the back? I think I am loving that. Tell me more about that home made stamp?

    • It is. I did a post a bit back about using a small paint roller with a bit of pipe insulation to make a sort of roller stamp. I was experimenting with using a paper towel core to do the same, but it doesn’t roll as smoothly as the pipe insulation – I think it’s the way the pipe insulation tube grips the paint roller that makes that work better. I think what I need to try is to insert the pipe insulation tube INSIDE the paper towel tube to get the best of both 🙂 The cardboard tube provides a better surface for the fun foam stamps to adhere to, and the pipe insulation grips the roller for a smoother action. Of course the letters will always be reversed depending on what you use them for – on the Gelli pate to remove paint they need t be ONE way and as a stamp they need to be the other 🙂 Perhaps the solution is to mix them this way and that on the same tube to get the right sort of look!

      Have fun. Let e know if you figure out an improvement….


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