Apologies in advance for the shockingly bad photos.  I took them in the dark this morning just before shoving DS out the door for the long train ride back to Uni. I only add them to show the better design placement based on the actual action of one of these flexagon circles.  I also show the method I used to close it – not sure what else you COULD use other than a band or a loose tie.

Normally I would choose to have the opening run top to bottom, but the images I had to work with forced the cover-split to run side to side.  That is another tip if you make one.  I think opening like a book is the expected and forcing the opening the opposite feels odd.

Another thing worth noting is that it is a bad idea to make the circles thicker – by that I mean the areas that are scored should be one thickness.  My last experiment with this will be to see if I can get a template from a scrap version.  That way the BASE of the flexagon is free to move, but the decorative paper can get stuck on to the base without affecting the folding and then the flipping.  I was rushing last night to get it done so took the short cut of printing two faces and sticking them back to back for one of the pairs rather than trying to work out how to lay out the files for printing one, then printing the other bit (perfectly aligned) on the back so they appeared the right way round as you flip.  But doing it that way showed me that what I suspected was in fact true! Make the base structure out of single layers then decorate within, not overlapping, the score lines.

I have SO much to do to catch up but don’t feel in the least bit guilty – time spent with DS is a fair tradeoff for falling a bit behind on other things.  I STILL have a handful of WOYWW visits to get back to – OK that one I do feel a little guilty about.   Also on my list is finishing another hat for DD!  Turns out she loves the one from Christmas and wanted another so we shopped for the yarn (how is it the stuff she loved was just about the only yarn in the shop NOT on sale??) and she picked the pattern (and how is it that she picked the only pattern we saw that uses one of those infuriating symbol charts rather than written instructions?? Actually, worse than that, it uses a chart for the first 10 rounds then SWITCHES to a written list of stitches for the rest – ARRGGHH!!) so this one is totally her “design” and she is asking about it every day.  My desk is a disaster and I have at least three projects I am dying to get to.  I’ll just bet you are the same, so I’ll stop whingeing and just get on with it…..