Ink jet acrylic medium sealing without a Gelli plate


NOTE:  Just to be sure I asked the Gelli Arts folk about the baby oil trick and they said:

Gelli Arts – Gel Printing Plate yes! baby oil is fine on the Gelli plate and yes – it does remove much of the deeply ingrained color. Thanks for sharing your great results and the fun video!!
 On to new stuff then….

As I suspected, it is possible to use the acrylic medium sealing of ink jet prints technique WITHOUT a Gelli Plate.

There are issues – it is not as smooth an application, it uses a bit more medium than the Gelli plate would, and the wiggle-risk is greater, but on the flip side it does give a (perhaps?) more interesting texture to the sealed piece than the super smooth Gelli plate version.

I am pretty sure I mentioned I felt this would work, so really, having said that I just had to give it a go, didn’t I?

I just grabbed a small piece of Fun Foam – these are 6 x 8.5 inch pieces that I got in a big pack for pence – and brayered on the acrylic medium.  It sits on the surface a bit better than plain acrylic paint does but you still need to be a bit generous.


As with the plate, lay the printed piece printed side down into the medium.  I didn’t leave the extra at one side to make peel off easier and regretted it! But as you can do a transfer of ink jet prints with acrylic medium it won’t surprise you that some of the ink transfers to the foam “plate!” This is a character from a font – love him


the lines on his belly are part of the print – either in the actually character or due to my printer – but def. NOT a smear from the transfer. You can just see the ghost of it on the foam


For the text sample you can see it a lot more clearly, and I hope you can see the texture of the medium better too



So there you go – while I would always say the plate is BETTER than the foam, the foam will work in a pinch!

With either, you can always let the medium dry then do a second coat – that’ll make the paper thicker and stiffer, which may be useful for some applications.

DS is nearly healed from the wisdom tooth surgery and demanding “special” meals before he heads back to Uni (chicken with walnut and whiskey cream sauce and enchiladas so far, with 7-layer bars to take home with him) so shopping is top of my list today, right after I get back to a few WOYWW return visits.



5 thoughts on “Ink jet acrylic medium sealing without a Gelli plate

  1. So cool ~ thanks a bunch for sharing these techniques with us!

  2. I wonder what would happen if you sealed the foam with an acrylic or poly varnish type stuff ( I have such a way with words, no?)…anyway, perhaps that might make future uses of the foam require less medium and give a smoother finish. Also, I have a plate that I made using a couple of the thicker foam mats that I glued together, then I used a couple of clear acrylic sheets, from cold laminating sheets by 3M actually. It was my attempt at a monoprinting plate from things I already had her in my art room. It works nicely, but not as well as a Gelli plate. However, I’m thinking for this purpose it might work fine for someone that doesn’t own a gel plate.

    • Funnily enough I was thinking if I let the medium dry on the plate that might do similar to what you suggest. But I also kinds think that the softness of the foam helps so I’m not sure. Might be worth experimenting….

      Thanks for the suggestion


  3. I like that you can use fun foam. Wanted to try this, just did not want to make or purchase gelli plate.
    When dry can you use a copic marker on the print?

    • I’m guessing yes. As the Copics are alcohol based and I think they do work over acrylic medium, I can’t see why it WOULDN’t work. I’d say give it a go and see what happens. I’m fairly sure you wouldn’t get the blending that you get with copics on paper – all the lovely layered shading – but you never know till you try 🙂


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