Not much different today as yesterday for my WOYWW desk.  DS had one of his two wisdom teeth out he had two appointments but the silly woman at the desk screwed up and the one she booked – even after I asked her if there was enough time to do both and she confirmed there was – was not long enough.  Now poor DS has to wait till MAY when he is next back from Uni to get the other one out.  Poor kid. So very annoyed.  Ah well.  Desk hold bits and bobs – leftovers from the Gelli plate sealing of Pan Pastels from yesterday, some stamped bits from my cheapie Paperchase stamp sets, a pack of the Pitt pens (the Manga pack was cheaper than the Big Brush ones and has six colours, primary and secondary, and the brush is big enough to suit me for a lot less) and the canvases I made for DS that need to be packaged up for his return to Scotland, now I have done the edges.



My Gelli plate is dirty and needs cleaning, so that is top of my list today.  Then, with luck, a bit more crafty play.

Have a good one….

22 thoughts on “WOYWW 240

  1. Woo Hoo girl you have been busy with that Gelli plate. I am impressed with the sealing the pan pastels and the ink jet printer both problems I have had. I have been sealing with cheap hairspray but that makes everything a mess! I just made my first gelli plate and I am waiting to see if it molds or not. I combined two recipes and both claim it doesn’t mold or melt and I am hoping they are right…why 2 well I didn’t have enough glycerin or alcohol so I followed up and combined the two. So far so good almost a week and no mold. I spent about $5 to get a 9″x13″ gelli plate! Okay enough gabbing. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. One of the good things about getting around this late in the day is all the fun stuff you learn! Vickie #104

  2. I love the canvas you made for your son, looks great!!

  3. Hi Mary Anne, super desk – lots to peer at be inspired by. Love those canvases. I’ve been following all the stuff you are doing with the gelli plate and feeling quite ashamed that I haven’t had mine out for months but I’m itching to experiment too … perhaps now that the holidays are over I will be able to take a leaf out of your book 🙂 Wishing you a super crafty week. Elizabeth x #71

  4. Your blog is so beautiful, dear Mary Ann and I have finally found the comment button 🙂
    Thank you for looking and your kind words.
    Greetings from Erika

  5. I got a jelly plate for my birthday but am yet to play with it…I will be back to check out your blog for inspiration. Vikki #108

  6. awesome looking desk. Love the steam punk canvas! I am really ticked off at my doctors office. she reccomends me to a doctor and that doctor tells me I am nuts. I think I need to find another doctor! Thanks for Sharing….Hope you have a great week. Vickie #104

  7. Happy New Year and Happy WOYWW to you Mary Ann, your desk is looking highly productive and I love the look of the front canvas with all the Steam Punk bits and bobs. I haven’t seen those pitt pens before, only had their Big Brush Markers and their normal Black Artist Pens so will have to keep an eye out for them. Have fun playing with your Gelli Plate and a great Week! Danie #48

  8. Desk is looking fab! Your canvas and patterns are superb. Take care. Zo xx 90

  9. Sorry, forgot to mention that I am #5 this week.

  10. Thanks for visiting while I slept. I adore that canvas and have followed the process since you showed it “last year.” DS is more than likely quite proud.

    I have two questions for you, even though I know you have already been to my place and this would require a return visit. 1) With the weather so cold here and my craft room approaching freezing temps, is it safe for my new gelli plate that is still in its never opened box? Is my gelli in need of a warm place to live, or can it live in a cold room? 2)Since I love your blog, including all your wonderful techniques, and would like to visit every day (or nearly every day) you post, may I add your blog to my left sidebar. I don’t add anything to my blog unless I receive permission to do so.

  11. been looking at your previous post, too, Mary Anne – am wowing at the results… but am also loving the projects on the desk today, too. Helen, way down at 100!!

  12. Hi Mary Anne, love the canvas, its stunning. Your desk seems a riot of colour. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #93xx

  13. Thanks for letting me peek around and don’t forget to get your jelly plate cleaned :-0) Have a good one and bright blessings to you and yours. Roberta 47

  14. I too like the steampunk vibe here. In response to your comment on my blog: Kitting not knitting! As in cutting up card and prepping kits ready to hand out in class. That way we can concentrate on the techniques and design, rather than spending time poring over the trimmer!

  15. Makes me really angry when people can not do their jobs! Poor son, hope he is not in too much pain.
    Love what you have been playing with.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #50

  16. Love the canvas sitting in the back. Such lovely colors and textures! Well done! Happy WOYWW
    Glenda #43

  17. Your desk always looks so creative Mary Anne – your mind must just never stop working! Love the canvases and I bet your son will too – hope he manages to hold out until May, bless him! Annie #42

  18. Love the steampunk canvas.. it looks fabulous. I have to get myself one of those Gelli plates I think
    Happy Crafting and WOYWW
    DeDe 31

  19. I am loving your desk today and I am not sure if that is a book or a canvas at the back far left but I would love to see it in more detail. I am coming back to get some tips from you on using my new gelli plate
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #6

  20. LOVE that green steampunky canvas!! That is just so clever…….
    Hope your DS is ok after the dentist experience….not nice….shivers…..
    Hugs. LLJ 2 xx

  21. Your canvases are lovely and what fun you have a Gelli plate too are they not the greatest things to play with..
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy 🙂 #4

  22. Always so productive – I don’t know how you do it! Loving the look of those canvases. Happy WOYWW, Cindy

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