Crafty resolutions?

My track record with crafty resolutions is poor.  But one that I always make and one that I kind-of stick to most years, is to make an effort to bring stuff I own into my daily craft work, and to not let new stuff languish on the shelf.  With that in mind I had a go at a technique that I’ve done before but tried to expand it.

One of the more pricey supplies I have is Pan Pastels.  I love the smooth coverage they give but hate the fact they rub off unless you seal them.  But I’m not willing to just keep ignoring them because of that.  I had done a little sample with the pastels, acrylic medium, and Gelli printing before so I though I would play around with layering and see what happened.

First, I experimented with different wipe-off techniques.  The basic process is:

  • Cover the paper with Pan Pastels
  • load the Gelli plate with acrylic medium – thinner coat is faster to dry!
  • cover the plate with stencil or mask and pull the print thru the stencil.


The medium traps the pastel but everything else can be whisked away. I used an eraser before but wanted to see what else worked.




The paper towel leave a bare hint of colour, sort of a two-tone effect, that I really liked.  The eraser totally removes the colour not trapped under the medium, so the paper is nearly white.  The baby wipe is too wet and makes the paper fuzzy.  Better cardstock might produce a better effect.

So I tried layering a series of stencils working from light to dark, yellow, orange then red.



I think that is actually the yellow layer after the first stencil pull, with the orange over it. Then a second stencil pull and rub off the excess:


then a third colour and stencil:



You can see the yellow background, the darker swirl, and the red surround. with each layer of pastels, a bit of the new colour will cling to the medium, even if it is super dry, but you still get the light to dark working pretty well.  I do think colour choice is important for multiple layers but will have to play a bit more to see if there are “rules” I can keep in mind to ensure the best possible outcome in future.

So I then had a look at what was on my desk.  First off, a little handful of goodies I grabbed with a Paperchase gift card DH and DD gave me for my birthday back in November:



Adorable little stamps and a real find – the Uniball Signo pens at 3 for £5! Total bargain. The stamps were under £4 for the set.

So I assembled a bunch of stuff and made a quickie ATC to remind me what the new year should bring:



  • a freebie stamp from Craft Stamper (I often like them but never seem to use them.  Why not?
  • my Staedtler pseudo-Gelatos
  • an old stencil
  • Clearly Better ink for clear stamps.  I adore this stuff, it is truly CLEARLY BETTER, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.  Why not? It is fab and no pre-prep of clear stamps needed to get a really good impression
  • that Signo pen
  • the Pan Pastels
  • the Gelli plate

and the ATC made with the experiment a little closer:



LOL!  DH will tell me my New Year’s Resolution SHOULD be to take better photos, but to be honest as long as they communicate the info, I just whack ’em up here.  Perhaps had I planned the thing better I would have left more space for the stamp, but to be honest I had a few to choose from and while the image on this one ended up being the one I liked best, it fit least well in the space I left.

Now I feel very virtuous, having used both NEW and OLD items.  If I can only stick to it….