Last one and an interesting technique

Remember I said DH saw the canvas I made for DH and wanted one of his own? Here it is.  He is a bit more interested in grungy so this one is very much in that style:



Given his love of all things card-related I wanted to add an actual playing card to the surface as a focal point but e had trouble imagining it.  He thought it would stand out too much.  My solution was to trace the basic idea of the card with a Pitt pen on to Deli paper then collage that on the top.  I think it worked, and the wrinkly paper added some more texture.



I also used a sort of version of the “skins” I mentioned but rather than create the scribbles on clear plastic then coat the whole thing with acrylic medium to make a truly clear version I simply scribbled the Slick paints onto Deli paper then collaged it right on, Deli paper and all!



You can barely see the paper and it was both a lot easier and a lot “cheaper” – I was running low on medium (of the gloss kind – I seem to have a lot of Matte medium in my stash but no more gloss) so not using a ton of that to create the totally clear skin while still getting the effect, was a great resource-saving variation.

In the end it was LIKE the other canvas but not THE SAME.

Interestingly, I find from my stats that this is my 1199th post!  How funny  that it should work out that I will end 2013 at 1200 posts – providing I say SOMETHING in a post tomorrow LOL! What are the odds?