A very Merry WOYWW!


Argh!  We were without power for nearly 12 hours – luckily DHs office had power so he took all the food there to the office fridge – didn’t want to risk the bird being under-refridgerated! – and then once the guy came to silence the burglar alarm (3 HOURS of it going off) we finally started to get in the holiday spirit.  Food home, turkey marinating, and all is well.

Here is the obligatory shot (not a great one but done in a rush) of the tree:


Happy WOYWW and Happy Christmas to all!

22 thoughts on “A very Merry WOYWW!

  1. Happy WOYWW! I enjoyed your other posts with all the gifts and projects you made. Dropping by to greet you a joyful Christmas season! May the blessings of this season be yours throughout the coming new year!

  2. Coming in late ….
    Thanks for your visit earlier … I have been into my room for a few seconds at a time and added a bit more to the snowmen!
    Sorry to hear of your power troubles but you coped very well …. ingenious!
    Happy New Year!

    Bishopsmate #25

  3. Happy a-few-days-after Christmas!! So sorry you had troubles too – but lucky that you had a substitute fridge available! I am home now and – hurrah thrice – my ceiling stayed up! Take care, and see you again I hope in 2014… Helen 6

  4. Such a lovely community Happy new year hugs !!

  5. Your tree looks lovely, and I am pleased that your power was back on in time.
    Happy Christmas, well boxing Day and Happy New Year.
    Chris #34

  6. Happy Christmas MaryAnne – hope all the power issues are sorted out now! Your tree looks beautiful (and I love th Snorfs btw!) Annie #35

  7. Merry Christmas hun, hope the power is sorted now!

  8. Beautiful tree,
    Merry Christmas.
    Karin #31

  9. Love your tree! Poor you with no power all that time! You coped so well! Thanks for your comment and you are so right – ‘True Colours’ is so inspirational – I love it! A Happy and Creative New Year to you! Julie Ann xx #33

  10. Merry Christmas Mary Ann hope you had a lovely one!!
    ((Lyn)) #30

  11. Hi MA
    Hey I think
    I have if all found out how to comment on my phone (well done me ).
    Nota good time to loose the electric but you were lucky have you seem the news showing the people trying to BBQ the turkey lol
    I hope everything turned out well in the end.
    Thanks for all your inspiration this year

  12. Have a great day.meat thermometer going off
    Monica 26

  13. Oh no, what a time for the power to go off. But seems like all worked out in the end. Merry Christmas!! Brigita #23

  14. What a pretty tree loaded with so many wonderful things. I think I would have beaten the alarm to a pulp long before the third hour came along. I hope everything is sorted out now so you can relax and enjoy your holiday! Judy #22

  15. Oh no, sorry to hear that your power was cut off by the storms….I’m really glad that you’re now power filled!
    Thank you for all the fab comments and all round support this year..I’ve really appreciated it. May the madness continue into 2014,
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xx

  16. Happy Christmas Mary Anne, What a time to have power problems! Poor you. At least it got sorted before the big day. Smiled at your comment on one of the blogs about a spoiled surprise, as you discovered your son read your blog at uni. My Beloved Hubby caught me out a couple of years ago- I had no idea he read my blog! we live & learn, lol. Warmest Christmas hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  17. Horrah for DH’s work fridge super tree. Happy Christmas BJ#4

  18. Happy Christmas from a VERY HOT Cape Town, South Africa. That is a beautiful tree. #15

  19. Happy Christmas, Mary Anne. I trust all is now well for you, and that your family are now up and wreaking havoc with all those lovely parcels under the tree. Have a truly special day. I linked up early when I made the first cup of tea of the day – now commenting ‘cos I need to be close while hubby has a shower…
    Margaret #10

  20. Gorgeous tree! Happy Holidays! Nan G #3

  21. Merry Christmas, Mary Anne. I have a feeling you are going to become my new best friend in 2014, because I see you are big on gelli plates and Bleubeard just got me one for Christmas. He was tired of me complaining that no one took me seriously (it’s been THREE years I’ve asked for one) and got it for me. He’s pretty PURRfect at times!

    Love the tree. Beautiful and ethereal in that light. Merry Christmas and happy WOYWW from #1.

  22. Beautiful tree. Hate power issues hope it is on soon. Merry Christmas.

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