One more calendar printable

I’ve had this hanging around because I just wasn’t sure about the positioning.  It’s pretty easy to place 3 x 4 blocks on a US letter size graphics file, but getting them right for A4 is trickier.  I hope I’ve managed it.

The other issue is the cutting.  I get annoyed myself sometimes when I print my printables then cut them out.  All that trying to line up the trimmer, missing out the outline lines!  I just want to slice down the middle then chop   chop   chop, have 6 perfectly cut pieces.

What they look like – grab the PDF here:



So how it should work is you slice it down the middle



then use the edge of the colour bar to delineate the left edge



then trim as needed, depending on what size paper yo are printing on, for Project Life sized cards.

If you want to use them to make a CD calendar, stick them to the front like so. Jeez, the colour on that shot is pretty far off!  The JPG above is a better representation of the true colours!


If you want to turn them into tear-off calendars you can trim closer to the Day abbreviations, just make sure you use one of the 6-week months, like MARCH a a guide.

With luck it will all cut fine for you too!