WOYWW 237 – a worse idea


Happy pre-Christmas WOYWW!

I posted a couple of days ago saying that cleaning up is a bad idea.  Well, deciding to have a proper sort out just before Christmas is an even worse idea, and yet…


I am trying to reclaim some of my desk top, as I am really fed up with working in a 6 inch square of clean space.  The side area there is what I am getting back.  Yippee!

That bookshelf might look a bit odd.  Can you spot the interesting orientation here?


Yep.  It’s upside down!  It had to be, because the cut-outs that are meant to go around the baseboard kept it from sitting properly on the desktop, even with a spare bit under it.  It works this way just fine.  That isn’t the only weird orientation of a bookcase. This one is sideways LOL!


It was the only way I could move my cardstock and papers from the side of my desk.  It just fits the top of the unit but the shelves act as dividers and the top (side) provides a nice long shelf to display some of the projects I keep making with no actual use in mind for them.  You’ll have to pop back to see how it all turns out.  Fingers crossed I can cull some old, unloved stuff and get it all to fit back in!  I already have to find a new home for all those bags of ribbon on the back of the door in the 2nd photo – the door won’t open fully with them there.  {sigh} only time will tell if it’s better to work in or not.

I’ll look forward to a bit of desk hopping when the cleaning and sorting get the better of me.  And if you are looking for a bit of last minute inspiration check out UKS.  We have had some fab projects posted all month and I have a long list of things I want to have a go at.  You might find just the thing to add to your tree, creatively wrap a package, decorate your holiday table or make a last-minite gift from your crafty supplies.  I’ll bet you have just as much stash as I do and anything that whittles it down can only be a good thing…..


22 thoughts on “WOYWW 237 – a worse idea

  1. What a fantastically tidy place to craft in. Are you available for hire? I am down to the regulation 6 square inches of space in which to create. Thank you for your visit this week. You might be late commenting but I am even later. xx Maggie #25

  2. Wow just saw the after pics! Nice bit of cleaning and sorting! I need to do the same. Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy Holidays! Nan G #14

  3. Loving the topsy turvy bookcases.

    happy Christmas.


  4. I don’t think there is any good time for a proper clean and sort out, because it keeps you from doing the fun stuff…however it does help to refresh your mind with what you have in your stash and you do feel better for it don’t you? Loving all your shelving orientations, and organisation. Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Danie #37.

  5. I’ll bet you are very good at jigsaw puzzles, Mary Anne! You certainly have an eye for how to make things work in your space!! Happy WOYWW and Happy Holidays!! Hugs, Darnell #10

  6. cleaning out the studioffice seems to be a theme. I’m also looking to make new things fit and trying to figure out which of the old stuff needs to take a hike. Love the way you’ve made what you have work. I actually cut a shelving unit in half and used it to hold up a table top. thank goodness the pieces are hidden because press board doesn’t cut pretty.

  7. hehe – love your lateral thinking with the shelving :o) Happy Christmas to you and yours. Annie #62

  8. I’m saving my tidy frenzy for the Christmas holiday- It happens every year, lol. I have a good sort out while I’m packing my Christmas stuff away. Planning on removing a lot of EZ mount from u/m stamps as well this year, as well as u/mounting my woodblock Christmas stamps. I just know this is a recipe for disaster. Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year, from me & my Beloved Hubby. Huge Christmas Hugs, Shaz #44 xx

    • I am with you, Shaz. I have got rid of all the sticky stuff from the back of my stamps, and now I am getting rid of most of my non-clear stamps. I have not used them for ages, since I got hooked on Clarity stamps, which are so easy to position. The Clarity mounts are excellent for all other stamps too. xx Maggie

  9. I give you credit for doing this now with the holiday rush etc. I am loving the space, and the fun way the bookcase is oriented. I hope this organization will help you when it is is done. I can’t wait to see it complete. WIshing you a very Merry Christmas! Winnie#51

  10. Hi Mary-Anne, love your novel orientation of bookcases. Too late for this sort out this time but the second one is an example of one of those ‘now why didn’t I think of that’ ideas that may come in handy one day. I’ve yet to find the ideal way of storing ribbons too. Many thanks for sharing this and all the other inspiration you’ve posted throughout the year – I’ve stored many away in my mind for future use. Seasons greetings to you and yours, Elizabeth x #45

  11. I use bookcases/CD towers upside down as well – lol! Sometimes you just have to 🙂

  12. I don’t know …I think you may win the ‘amount of stash’ game. And the one for ‘using it’!! A jolly good sort out is a jolly good idea, I will be trying to emulate your example over the quieter days. Trying. As for ribbons…argh…almost as hard to store usefully as the blimmin clear stamps!

    • My clear stamps are stored in two ways, either on acetate in a folder or on their own mounts in labelled boxes. Each one is stamped onto a sheet of copy paper and that paper is labelled with where that stamp is stored. Then they are cross referenced on the computer so that I can find them. In case you think I am insufferably organised, that is the theory. In practice, things have got away from me and that is number one job for after Christmas, to finish sorting them out. I would still prefer clear stamps than the wretched wooden ones that take up so much space and are so inaccurate to place when stamping. All my wooden ones are going after Christmas. xx Maggie

  13. Do you craft standing on your head too?? Lol! Great idea, you were definitely thinking outside the box there! I so need to tidy up too, but that’s a project for after Christmas…. Btw, I love the advent calendar in your previous post, clever idea!
    Thanks for all the friendship and support this year, wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  14. Good morning
    Just popping my head around the door to say hi and wish you a very happy Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing your workplace. Clever idea with the bookcase.

    Neil #20

  15. your desk still looks more organised than mine, didn’t notice the upside down bookcase, looked more like it was overhanging the desk!, Donna #39

  16. Love the different uses for the bookcases, I also need to have a sort out more so I can find things I know I have somewhere when I want them. Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Tracy #41

  17. I am hoping – really, I AM hoping – to have a bit of a sort out next week when I get back from my brother’s for Christmas… love your upside down and sideways bookcases… very clever and why not! Afraid I’ve been shopping again this! Happy Christmas if I don’t “see” you before… Helen 28

  18. Well done on getting on with a ‘good Christmas sort out’ I soooo need to do the same!!! Like you I have ended up working in a six inch square! . To top it all my has said when she comes for Christmas she would like to see my craft room!!!!! Oh the same!!!
    Jackie 22

  19. What a clever idea, the other week De suggested the same thing to me as a solution for storage. It’s great to see that you are getting it all sorted. Soon you will be productive again.

    Merry Christmas & Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 15

  20. It’s always a delight to hear others end up working in a 6 inch square of space:) Thanks for all you do and share. Happy holidays to you and yours!


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