WOYWW 237 – a worse idea

Happy pre-Christmas WOYWW!

I posted a couple of days ago saying that cleaning up is a bad idea.  Well, deciding to have a proper sort out just before Christmas is an even worse idea, and yet…


I am trying to reclaim some of my desk top, as I am really fed up with working in a 6 inch square of clean space.  The side area there is what I am getting back.  Yippee!

That bookshelf might look a bit odd.  Can you spot the interesting orientation here?


Yep.  It’s upside down!  It had to be, because the cut-outs that are meant to go around the baseboard kept it from sitting properly on the desktop, even with a spare bit under it.  It works this way just fine.  That isn’t the only weird orientation of a bookcase. This one is sideways LOL!


It was the only way I could move my cardstock and papers from the side of my desk.  It just fits the top of the unit but the shelves act as dividers and the top (side) provides a nice long shelf to display some of the projects I keep making with no actual use in mind for them.  You’ll have to pop back to see how it all turns out.  Fingers crossed I can cull some old, unloved stuff and get it all to fit back in!  I already have to find a new home for all those bags of ribbon on the back of the door in the 2nd photo – the door won’t open fully with them there.  {sigh} only time will tell if it’s better to work in or not.

I’ll look forward to a bit of desk hopping when the cleaning and sorting get the better of me.  And if you are looking for a bit of last minute inspiration check out UKS.  We have had some fab projects posted all month and I have a long list of things I want to have a go at.  You might find just the thing to add to your tree, creatively wrap a package, decorate your holiday table or make a last-minite gift from your crafty supplies.  I’ll bet you have just as much stash as I do and anything that whittles it down can only be a good thing…..