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Lazy, last-minute countdown printable

So you let it far too late to even consider doing an Advent Calendar but have Mom-guilt cause the kids are missing out.  This should solve it and won’t take you a minute (ok, 30 maybe) and wile you can’t get back the rest of the month you can certainly make the final week fun.

This is the PDF.  And this is what it looks like:


It’s easy as can be.

Print the 4-page PDF


Cut out all the bits – except the green circles.  Punch them out with a circle punch.

Cut away the little windows, like so:


Stick the circles either side, to provide a tab and make rotating the big window-circles easier.


Punch the centre holes.  Stack up all the bits.  From the bottom up it will be:

  • the circle with the days of the week
  • the larger window-circle
  • the date numbers
  • the smaller window-circle
  • the reindeer topper


and stick a big brad thru them all. You can stop here, I suppose, and just stick a treat bag on the back (maybe add a note ONLY ONE PER DAY, if your kids are likely to chomp the lot on the first day LOL!) but for ease of use the better plan is to cut a 9 x 9 inch square of cardstock  (ok, really, it can be any size – A4 will work fine too) and a smaller piece of festive patterned paper, then stick  JUST THE BACK CIRCLE to it.  Much nicer – just adding the photo again to keep you from having to scroll back…


What this will do is hold the whole thing oriented properly but still let the window-circles rotate.  The DAYS one will stay steady, but you may still have to take care rotating the window-circle over the DATE numbers.  It may shift, as may the reindeer, but just re-arrange it.  I added a bit of cardboard to make a stand.  By sticking the treat bag only at the top, the square can be stuck to the easel flat and the bag hang on the other side.


Now obviously this is meant to be a quick last-minute thing.  But there is no reason you can’t print the PDF then working on the plain backs, decorate them any way you like.  Cut the windows, use the centre holes to make sure it all fits together, then make something more to your taste.  You can easily use stickers to create the whole month of dates on the larger circle and omit the days of the week element entirely (but maybe adjust the size of the window cut out to fit the numbers) and skip the smaller DATE circle and smaller window-circle as well.  Just add a pretty topper in the middle.  I may have to have a go at that myself, as it seems risky to say “you can easily…” only to find out it’s NOT so easy LOL!

Hope it helps you out.