Why cleaning up is a bad idea…


Argh!  Went to my crop yesterday and had to bail cause I had taken stuff out of my crop bag and forgotten so I had NO ATG gun, fewer blank tags than I thought, no sequins, and none of the little gold embellishments that are the focal point of each tag.  I managed to do what I could then came home with the intention of finishing them up.  Yeah, well, that was the PLAN.  Could I find the little pot of small round and star-shaped sequins ANYWHERE?  I could not.  I spent two hours scouring my office – my TIDY office – looking for them.  Just when I was ready to give up, and post anyway, I found them.  Of course now it is approaching dark  so  went ahead and snapped the shot.  I’ll sort out the rest of the sequins later.


I have to say I am really liking them – they are fairly simple but all so pretty – much prettier IRL than in the photo.


The gold embellies are plain wood on the back so some of the tags have them flipped around, just for the variety.

I also scored a really cute hat for DD for Xmas and decided to crochet her a scarf to match.  Found it at Craftsy, downloaded the pattern, and am 80% done 24 hours later.  Phew.

Cute, isn’t it?  Her’s is more moss-green thru the centre with rose colours for the ruffle.  I’ll see if I actually have enough of the yarn – its stuff I had already, perfect colour match for the hat. but not sure I have enough of the deep pink or lighter pink. We shall see….


2 thoughts on “Why cleaning up is a bad idea…

  1. Scarf is is really nice. Glad you found the “gold” stash. Pretty Tags!

  2. That is the worst possible thing to have happen when cleaning up, I have resorted my room completely and believe me, I am on the hunt now everything has been moved around. I am glad that you found your sequin at last minute. Lovely scarf too, a bit frilly for me.

    Hugs Eliza

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