Die cut Gelli Skins

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I’ll bein by acknowledging that the particular pattern of this skin is not ideal for this application.  But I will use it somehow anyway.

Once the skin is totally dry and not at all tacky to the touch, lay it onto the plasticky side of some freezer paper.  I just used the bit I had peeled another skin off of



and lay another bit of freezer paper over it, plasticky side on top of the skin.



I decided to try a few different sorts of dies – including a fairly intricate one.

3cutgelliskinsThey all cut perfectly



They are fiddly to peel, but a little poke of a paper piercer loosens the edge enough for you to peel the skin from the paper (and it is the die cutting  that compresses the skin to the paper which makes it tricky to peel) without damaging the skin.  You can maybe see the really intricate one tore – one of the little humps on the edge is missing, just above the upside down V – but you can also see how they look layered over another print


This is def. something I will play with a bit more.  I suspect these will work on a couple of Gelli advent tags.

I thought I would grab a shot of the scribble one, made with Jane Davies’ tutorial, and show that die cut as well –


I think the scribble lines look fab cut in a shape.



Note the shredded edge of the biggest circle was NOT due to any trouble peeling off the skin – and this time I tried waxed paper rather than freezer paper to sandwich, worked great – but because I didn’t tape down the die and it shifted, due to the lumpy nature of the skin, and cut off the edge.  I think it’s still usable.

Now, I love rough cut, wonky circles A LOT, but sometimes I prefer nice clean CIRCULAR circles and it’s nice to know I can get them if I want them.

Another crop tomorrow and I will have to try to finish up (or make exceptional progress) my advent tags, in order to avoid disappointing DD.  There is prep work to be done before that, and I will def. tuck some of these skins in to use them.  Then I can make more…


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