WOYWW 236 – so tidy!


Well, it took all day but my space is neat and tidy and ready to be made a mess again! You’ll have to look back to yesterday to see the BEFORE photo.  It took so long (so it actually got dark on me) cause I didn’t just shove stuff to a hidden area.  What’s more I actually did quite a bit of organizing too.  I got all my Gelli plate stencils and texture boards sorted in an old Crop in Style 12 x 12 paper keeper that had been languishing unused for a decade.

woyww236and collected up all the scraps and sample prints from Gelli play days into a box for an attempt at collage

1woyww236and got my desk 99% clear



What’s left on it is a stack of deli paper prints for a special project.  I managed to get one decorated but there is more to do and one thing to source before I can finish it



I had another reason for sorting thru my Gelli prints – a mate of mine  passed on a link to the Fabric Press.  On my list is to see if any of my art type stuff would be appropriate for printing on fabric.  While I know a lot of people print their own fabric, it’s something that I am not overly keen on adding to my list of things to do.  But having fabric from art printed for use in a quilt might be something I WOULD be interested in.  And the thought of having a tea towel with something fun on it is just too tempting.  Wish I had a resource like this when the kids were little – what a perfect and reasonably priced gift would one of the kids drawings or a hand-written letter from them to the Grandparents have been, printed on a tea towel?? The process seems easy, so if I manage it I’ll be sure to share the results.

Have  a happy WOYWW!



17 thoughts on “WOYWW 236 – so tidy!

  1. I am so sorry to be thát late for woyww… but that allowed me to read the next blogposts too… gelliplate-awesomeness and major inspiration! THanks!!! My homemade gelli plate is – after 6 weeks and one ‘re-melt’ – still usable but I guess this will be the last week that I can use it… and the pages/prints you show make my hands itch! I will make room/time in my schedule to play wit it later this week! Love from Holland, Marit woyww #55

  2. So tidy! But some fab prints still to be seen. Take care Zo xx 82

  3. So tidy! I do love a tidy desk…love the gelli prints, gorgeous..Going to check your link, I love fabric crafts. Cx #35

  4. Your desk really is tidy !!!!!! Don’t know if I have ever seen it tidy!
    Went and had a look at the link you shared….. Let me know if you use it and how it goes … Love the idea!
    Jackie 40

  5. OMG is that really your desk, congratulations what an amazing feat, good for you. Now the next endevour you are going on with the Gelli sounds interesting, you know I will stay turned on that one,. As for your stencil storage, great idea. I have a 12 x 12 plastic pocket for mine, not as good as yours though.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 66
    Happy WOYWW

  6. Good grief, Charlie Brown…that’s the tidiest I’ve ever seen your desk. It’s a contrast to what most of the desks are looking like today, mine especially! I love your lime green gelli print, so lush…and thanks for the heads up about the fabric printing, I’m off to check that out right now!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  7. What an amazingly tidy space – all ready for you to make a mess again – what fun!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #65

  8. Love that bold piece on top of your box of scraps. I’m supposed to be organising my bookcase of craft stuff today, but I keep getting distracted!

  9. What an impressive amount of Gelli prints. The box is a crafters dream, so many patterns to choose from. Well done on your organisation. It all looks very ordered now.

  10. Goodness me, that IS tidy! Love that print on the top, the colour combination is gorgeous! Annie #60

  11. Lovely gelli prints. I’d love to see something like this on a quilt – how exciting! Julie Ann xx #45

  12. I would say that is a day well spent.. I wish I had a day (or more!) to sort here… lol! Your prints are impressive and I look forward to seeing how your next project turns out!! Helen 24

  13. I really like your prints. I’ve only played with the Gelli plate once and must admit, it was amazing… Your space looks extremely tidy, wish someone would do mine. Have a great week and Happy WOYWW De De #5

  14. Can you hear me applauding your clean-up and organization, Mary Anne?! Well done!! Good luck with the printing project! Happy WOYWW and have a great week!! Hugs, Darnell #22

  15. Goodness. That really IS a lot cleaner. And yes, I looked at yesterday’s post and was extremely impressed. I’m sure glad internet power is back on. It can be frustrating to not be able to access the internet. Have a great WOYWW from #1.

  16. Hello, Well it’s nice isnt it to get things put away and and 99% clean desk lol I would be trilled with a 50% clean space. lol I have to looking into this gelli stuff. Thanks for the peek and bright blessings to you and yours. Roberta #6

  17. Congratulations on getting some organizing done. I like your prints. #12

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