WOYWW 236 – so tidy!

Well, it took all day but my space is neat and tidy and ready to be made a mess again! You’ll have to look back to yesterday to see the BEFORE photo.  It took so long (so it actually got dark on me) cause I didn’t just shove stuff to a hidden area.  What’s more I actually did quite a bit of organizing too.  I got all my Gelli plate stencils and texture boards sorted in an old Crop in Style 12 x 12 paper keeper that had been languishing unused for a decade.

woyww236and collected up all the scraps and sample prints from Gelli play days into a box for an attempt at collage

1woyww236and got my desk 99% clear



What’s left on it is a stack of deli paper prints for a special project.  I managed to get one decorated but there is more to do and one thing to source before I can finish it



I had another reason for sorting thru my Gelli prints – a mate of mine  passed on a link to the Fabric Press.  On my list is to see if any of my art type stuff would be appropriate for printing on fabric.  While I know a lot of people print their own fabric, it’s something that I am not overly keen on adding to my list of things to do.  But having fabric from art printed for use in a quilt might be something I WOULD be interested in.  And the thought of having a tea towel with something fun on it is just too tempting.  Wish I had a resource like this when the kids were little – what a perfect and reasonably priced gift would one of the kids drawings or a hand-written letter from them to the Grandparents have been, printed on a tea towel?? The process seems easy, so if I manage it I’ll be sure to share the results.

Have  a happy WOYWW!