Just the beginnings of an idea…

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I did as I said and sewed the torn paper fabric piece together with a reasonable Gelli print, and am working on an idea for the pages.   So far I have a stack of black Deli paper prints, and the beginnings of a clear gel skin – just the white paint at this point as it needs a while to really dry before adding the gloss medium to unify it into one solid and cutable piece.


And a stack of basic background style prints – nothing special, nothing much going on in them except the first layer of texture.  I have a crop and Christmas party tomorrow so I am trying to get some stuff sorted so I’m not just sitting there chatting and eating!



It’ll be interesting to see if anything I like comes out of it.

I know I owe a few WOYWW visits.  I may have to stop posting for a short time as I am really struggling to do even my return visits at the moment.  I am creating a lot of gifts this year and it’s the busy time on UKScrappers, with a lot of behind-the-scene stuff needing doing, so unless I can get to a reasonable number of desks on Sunday I may end up going AWOL for a bit as it’s simply too guilt-inducing to keep trying to clear a block of time and failing.

Now at least 4 things to do before leaving to pick up DD from college, so this one will stay short (well, short for ME…)


One thought on “Just the beginnings of an idea…

  1. I know just how you feel! I had several weeks when I didn’t post WOYWW too.thought you might like to see the Dec 5th post on Balzer Designs blog… just up your street and your pages today reminded me of it. Check it out……

    Jo x

    Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 12:59:14 +0000 To:

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