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Just the beginnings of an idea…

I did as I said and sewed the torn paper fabric piece together with a reasonable Gelli print, and am working on an idea for the pages.   So far I have a stack of black Deli paper prints, and the beginnings of a clear gel skin – just the white paint at this point as it needs a while to really dry before adding the gloss medium to unify it into one solid and cutable piece.


And a stack of basic background style prints – nothing special, nothing much going on in them except the first layer of texture.  I have a crop and Christmas party tomorrow so I am trying to get some stuff sorted so I’m not just sitting there chatting and eating!



It’ll be interesting to see if anything I like comes out of it.

I know I owe a few WOYWW visits.  I may have to stop posting for a short time as I am really struggling to do even my return visits at the moment.  I am creating a lot of gifts this year and it’s the busy time on UKScrappers, with a lot of behind-the-scene stuff needing doing, so unless I can get to a reasonable number of desks on Sunday I may end up going AWOL for a bit as it’s simply too guilt-inducing to keep trying to clear a block of time and failing.

Now at least 4 things to do before leaving to pick up DD from college, so this one will stay short (well, short for ME…)