WOYWW 235 – advent tag debris


Oh the mess.  I am still working in a small area of my desk but having fun nonetheless!  Other than crafty Christmas tags, I’ve been researching colour-blindness, in an effort to narrow down those colours that DS can actually perceive but it’s very hard.  As he is red deficient as near as we can tell it seems this time of year, with all the red and green, must be a bit bland for him.  I think I need to ramp up my blue and yellow paint selection….This site has some interesting photos of what a colour-blind person actually sees.  So sad.  All those rich colours muted to nothing special. 

Here’s the obligatory desk shot….



Happy WOYWW people.  Have a great day!

11 thoughts on “WOYWW 235 – advent tag debris

  1. Thanks for the link about color blindness. My dad is colorblind and when we grew up he tried to explain to us what it was, he told us that he can see colors and if we told him what color something was he could see it but because his brain was a bit “dumb” he couldn’t remember it the next time (his words not mine, we had a hard time believing that because our dad is the smartest person we know^^)

    I read up on the website and now know more about it. And that my future sons will have a 50/50 chance of having it too, apparently (according to the site) I’m a carrier good to know, something to keep an eye out for.

    Have a great holiday season!

  2. late!! I don’t see mess…I really don’t, you have still got loads of space. I agree, it is a horrible shame to think that DS isn’t seeing the glory of technicolor that we do. but I’m guessing that you will research and try stuff till you find a way to glorify what he does see. You’re amazing.

  3. Hoping you can find colors that brighten up your son’s Christmas and thanks for the sneak peek at your desk. Your tags are lovely. Have a great week! Danie #25

  4. Love your advent tags-a great idea.

    My brother is colour blind-one year (many years ago) I totally forgot and bought him a colour therapy kit for Christmas!!!! Needless to say its not something he EVER let me forget again!!!

    kyla #65

  5. You know, I’d never really thought about what a color blind person sees. The things we just take for granted . . .

    Happy WOYWW to you!
    #28 this week, Christmasing like crazy
    and a free Christmas digi magazine

  6. We never thought about seeing the world from a colour blind person’s perspective. It must be frustrating.

  7. Hope you find some colours that you can use for your DS, it must be a very strange world… thanks for the link. Helen 37

  8. Hi Mary Ann
    I went and had a look how colour blind people see….. Thanks for the link, I’ve learnt something new as I did not know! People don’t realise how important eyes are until there is something wrong ! In the last couple of years my sisters and I all found out we have narrow angle glaucoma, and have had to have holes put in our eyes as a safety valve, I have been told I only have a few more years till I loose more sight ( I’m half blind in one eye already) so not looking forward to that and I craft more with my light and magnifier these days.
    Have to ask your visitor that came to stay…. Did u get the craft room tidy? Or close the door?
    Jackie 45

  9. Remember that what they see, they know no different…to them it is normal. Frustrating sometimes when it makes reading things hard. We had a guy in our art class at school who did the most amaizing stuff even though he was red deficient. They work on tints and tones, a bit like the greys of a photostat machine…thats how he explained it to me. #35

  10. I just checked out on colour blindness site and it is sad that they cannot see the range of beautiful colours in the world. But the good thing is that they can see. I am sorry that your son has a form of colour blindness and it must be hard on all of you at times. Love your desk photo, it is always good to see desks like this being well used lol. Have a wonderful week and happy WOYWW.
    Janene #26

  11. Happy WOYWW, so sorry to hear that your DS is color blind yep life would be bland and we know better but face it he really doesn’t understand what we can see either. Great Christmas desk shot.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda ( no number yet)

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