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Tag three finished and tag four

I think longingly of being able to walk into Staples in my old home town and pick up a massive box of luggage tags for pennies every time I see 10 tags in Staples here in the UK for £2.09.  Well I found 60mm x 120mm tags at Ryman’s online, 100 for under £5.  Still not as cheap as home, but not awful, and they do have manila ones, not just white or the ghastly multi-coloured ones.  Result!

So, and sorry in advance for the photo, once again it got darker faster than I expected, here is yesterdays tag finished and todays.  I will hope for some sun tomorrow and time to get the tag for day 5 done in the morning.  Maybe the I can get a decent photo.  I hope to get a stack of the Gelli print tags done and take just a small box with some bits and bobs to the crop on Saturday where I might be able to finish them off:



I suppose it doesn’t help that they swing ever so slightly in the breeze LOL!

I think if you squint closely you can just about see the matchbox on the back of tag 1 as it is angles slightly away. But I think I may decide to switch to some sort of little bag, maybe a mini paper bag like for sweets, and the matchboxes are a bit small for anything more than a chocolate coin (not very nice chocolate) or a few buttons.

DD saw this version and deemed it very Christmas-y so RESULT! there too.