Another Advent Tag


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Today is the day DD has insisted we put up the tree.  Not much time for crafty play, but I am still a day ahead making the tags for her new Advent calendar.  I did change out the numbers.  I like the black stencil numbers filled with gold glitter paper:



I learned from my last attempt at stencil letters.  I just cut them all quickly with Scal. popped out the number bits and backed it with some glittery paper. *I* would have chosen glitter paper that was black, so the glitter effect wasn’t quite so intensely sparkly, but then this is meant to be to DDs taste more than my own, and this paper does match the littler glittery ornaments so…

But I do like it better than the original number option:



and now (and I will replace the one on the first tag, just not in time to photo it):



I may still add some pearl bead drapes, maybe, when I find my strand of smaller beads, but over all I expect she will be quite pleased with it.  Now, where is that stash of chocolate coins?  Or should I get some Quality Streets instead?  Gaaaa!  Too may decisions…


3 thoughts on “Another Advent Tag

  1. Hi MaryAnne I hope I have remembered correctly but I am sure that in one of your email letters you mentioned a website where you could get book pages to download. I cannot deface a book but love how it works & was so pleased to find there was somewhere I could download pages that would look just like they were from books. I know I saved it to favourites but can’t remember as what. Whs it something you found & if so could you let me have the link please. If it wasn’t you – then I am stuck for a while. But thank you for all your inspirational work – I love getting the emails Gloria


    • Hi there Gloria! Glad you enjoy my ramblings 🙂 I think the post you are looking for is

      Do bear in mind that not all books are available in Google books (which is where I got the Alice pages that look just like scans of the actual book, not just the text in a computer friendly format for reading on screen) so it could be you can’t find exactly what you want if you are looking for something specific. But if you just want interesting old text, then you can probably find it 🙂

      Good luck!

      Mary Anne

  2. These numbers really are better. Yea for DD.

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