Couple of quick things – Gelli stuff


Just a flying visit from me – a lot going on so not much time, but I have a plan….

Interweave had a sale – it’s still on for the next couple of days.  $5.99 for standard download of many of their online workshops.  I grabbed about 4 or 5 of them.  Most clock in near the 2 hours mark.  One left me a bit cold, although I did learn a couple of new bookbinding techniques from it, but one,  Add to, Undo & ReDo filled me with inspiration.  I would highly recommend it.  One of the techniques was for making paper “fabric” from scraps.  I had a go:



While she used a selection of different sorts of papers, I limited myself to scraps of Gelli prints, lots of them samples of techniques I shared, or other experiments.  I also kept to a limited colour palette.  I love how it turned out.



All the stitching holds everything in place with no adhesive at all:



She used different colour threads and black a lot, but I picked white.  My plan is to decide on the size for a journal/book cover then stitch a full-sized print to the back of this paper fabric – perhaps with black thread, then bind the book with that as the cover.  I am thinking this print from my stash will work well colourwise.



She also has a technique for covering a shape with tiny scraps (a bit like the old serendipity squares) then stitching over them to make very dimensional objects for collage or canvases.  It was so stinkin’ cute done with cut outs of  cat’s eye glasses and cutlery!

I seem to be drifting ever closer to actual collage work.  Oh dear.  I also enjoyed Paint, Print, Layer, Collage a LOT. Some of her images were fab and the focus is on creating “personal” imagery, i.e. stuff that is unique to you so your work is more YOU than just using standard commercial products like stencils and stamps.  Clearly that appeals to me, as previous posts will show.  I especially like the digital manipulation sections and scan-to-reuse tips.  There are a handful more workshops I could easily grab and watch and at that price, why not?  It’s about what? £3.50? Less than the cost of a magazine. And I have 300GB of free space on my disk so…..

I also had a play with making a paper rose from some other stray prints – I like it but it is BIG



No real plan for it, although I suppose I could always use one of the flower-template dies and make a much smaller version for a layout or a card or a book cover….

Now, a friend for lunch, sorting DH for ANOTHER chili cook-off, a bit of accounting and UKS work, and so much more. But I have to share  this:  Wordpress has added a little box of Recommended tags.  Something in this post triggered a recommendation of Desperate Housewives!  Was it me whingeing about being busy? all the other ones make sense, but THAT one doesn’t.  Still, it did make me smile….

4 thoughts on “Couple of quick things – Gelli stuff

  1. Do you know how long they are on sale? So you thin Add and Undo is worth the price? How long is the video? Vicki

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    • At least one more day and yes 🙂 well worth it to me, you may not agree but I really enjoyed it. Click the link and there should be a preview to give you a sense of it. HTH

  2. I love the gelli flower!! I’ve made a few flowers from paper, but I don’t know what to do with them. 😦

  3. Been utterly out of the you, poorly and just plain busy! Loving the stitching idea..collage and bargello are what first came to mind when I saw this..what a great way to use the gelli prints, and I like that you colour themed it word, it more than hints at a plan!!

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